Hi there Kyle. My niche is about teaching English as a foreign language and targeting people wanting to come to China. I have been here for 20 years so I would like to focus on people getting Tefl certificates which will be my main selling point. But I will broaden this to information on how to get visas and being able to work in China. I want to provide job opportunities and traveling in china. Is this too broad because everything has to do with teachers working and living in China. Please give me some advice. I feel that I am targeting the wannabe teacher, applying teacher and other teacher who wants to further their career.

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HMcQuoid Premium
They are all related. If you can focus in on the steps it takes, in order, to be able to teach, you will be able to write many interesting blog posts. I personally do not think your niche is too broad as one topic links to another. Keep the "travel in China" to travel that has to do with the job, not sightseeing.
If you want to delve further into traveling China for pleasure, you might consider getting a second website.
Great niche!
TEFLJohn Premium
Thanks for the insight. A lot of the Tefl courses sell a Tefl course as work and travel together: you work in a foreign country and during your holiday you can explore and travel. It is a selling point for a Tefl course. The one affiliate which I have in mind is doing flights, hotels and tours.
countrylife Premium
I see it as a service and I would consider classes and online courses down the line, or a membership site.
Please reach out if you need help or a hand.
Wishing you well, continued success and a terrific day.
TEFLJohn Premium
Very true. That is why I am TEFLJohn, your TEFL specialist. I actually sell myself and I want to write my own TEFL course and have it accredited and make money selling that too. Thanks so much for your help.