Hello out there. I'm really having a hard time deciding on a niche and wondered if anyone can help. I like computers (high-speed scanners), health (weight), books (educational), I'm interested in charities (donations), hospice care (educating people on what this is. My my mom passed two years ago under my care and we had wonderful Hospice/Medicare care). I guess bottom line, I want to pursue a niche that is helpful to people in a great way, but can't seem to figure it out.

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Stanleycmng Premium
You have got some great replies. You have a good problem.

I usually prepare a list and then prioritize what I like to do and then do some research what affiliate products associated with those niches. Then you go with a niche you can monetize.
JoanieB Premium
Thanks for the advice Stanley, the best to you also!
sdawson Premium
Judy is right, you need to pick a niche you can monetize and that you love the subject of also. Write down your niche topic and then write down all the items you can monetize and write blogs about.
for example.

weight loss:

books and videos
diet plans (be an affiliate - check on Clickbank marketplace)
keto, whole30, ... all the different diet plans
even kitchen stuff to prepare food
Mindset stuff to change the way you think about food
pills and patches
Weight loss shakes and programs (more affiliate opportunities)

JoanieB Premium
Thanks so much for your great recommendations! And the best to you too.
EdwinBernard Premium
Hi Joanie,

You got some good advice from Judy. Can’t do better than that. Hope you’ve made your niche decision by now.


judym Premium
Hi Joanie, weight loss is a great timeless niche for sure so if you can narrow to a specific age group or condition of some sort you should be able to do well. Hospice care has probably got great potential but I'm not sure of how you'd monetize it... important to follow your heart and work with something you enjoy. That way it stays interesting and you enjoy working on it. Best of success with your Niche choice!

Judy :)
JoanieB Premium
Thanks Judy, great advice.