per year for adwords campaign. Can I buy a domain that matches the keywords that people use to find my services. EG: I install tv antennas and people search for "antenna installation Blacktown" Blacktown is the area that I live and work in. So my website appears on the first page of google if people search for that, until I have had my quota of clicks. Can I buy a domain and call it, and then have a single page for that website to direct them to my main website, and have a link to my customer reviews and also my phone number if they want to call or massage me direct. Is this allowed by Google? Then I could have 20 domains with various suburbs that I want to find customers in, ( Thanks, Jeff

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Kyle Premium Featured Comment
Yes, you could. You could also learn local marketing and you could get to the top of your ranks in your space. We have lots of local marketing training here at WA and some awesome live classes by our local marketing expert, Jay.

Here is some good primer training: You could also buy domains that are relevant to the keywords you want to rank here. You could buy relevant domains and set them up quite easily using SiteDomains and set up a few websites targeting these keywords with unique content (I would start with just one) that is relevant to your target keywords.

I did this a few years back for a family member who is a journeyman electrician and was able to rank #2 overall in Google under the term:

electrician in LOCATION

By buying the .com "". A few good domains could be:

Likely a two pronged approach here.
JeffreyM1 Premium
Thanks Kyle, I just watched Jays wabinar that you recommended and thanks for your advice re location. It is so great to be learning all this stuff. I was getting a bit bogged down with the lessons and all the emails coming thru, but about a week ago I was able to tell my 10 yo old son that I could make him a website and he was very impressed. So now being able to get traffic to my business website thru local SEO could save me a lot of money. Jeff
LouisaB Premium
Good incite Josh!
JeffreyM1 Premium
Thanks Josh, just starting to watch it now.
Josh From Oz Premium
I think you are wanting to know about local marketing? Trying to rank your website to get more business for your Antenna Service. Perhaps this webinar may help: