Hi there, I am wondering what the requirements are to pay tax in New Zealand on commission/affiliate payments from other countries. What forms need to be filled in? How much can you earn a year without paying tax etc.? I have checked the IRD website but couldn't find what I was looking for.
It would be awesome if you guys could lead me in the right direction. Feel free to pm as well.
Thanks so much in advance from Anke

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judebanks Premium
If your total income threshold requires you to file a tax return, the individual/family tax return includes a section for reporting additional income earned from other sources, such as being a 'sole trader' or other ways that you can pay yourself from your business.

In Australia, I file as a 'sole trader' via the individual tax return and I see that option is also available in New Zealand.

Here are the 2 links that may help:


I suggest you get a hold of the income tax return document and review the questions asked and the information required by the tax office.

If this doesn't clear it up for you, contact your IRD by phone or visit a tax agent or accountant for proper advice. ~Jude
AHohaia Premium
Hi Jude, excellent. Thanks for these links and answering my question. There are really helpful.
All the best from Anke
judebanks Premium
You're welcome, Anke. :-)
Triblu Premium
Hey Anke,

I recommend you seek consultation on your tax issues from a New Zealand tax specialist as they are the best and safest reference you can seek tax advise from.

Hope this helps you.
AHohaia Premium
Thanks, Trish. That is a good idea.