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I have decided to Pay-it-Forward by using quotes to illustrate the various ways that we can promote this mantra and encourage othersto follow suit. The following quotes are from the website:"Do not squander time, for that is the stuff lifeis made of." - Benjamin Franklin"It's kind of fun to do the impossible." -Walt Disney"I always knew I wanted to be somebody when I grew up. Now I realize I should have been more specific." -Lily Tomlin"Life is a promise; fulfil
The importance of workplace production is critical to the bottom line of any successfulbusiness. The five areas that demand the mostattention are listed below: 1. Daily worker efficiency - the assignmentgiven each day must be performed with efficiency and skill to produce a product orservice that serves to produce revenue for thecompany. 2. Cooperation with co-workers - teamworkconsists of all workers pulling together as oneto facilitate harmony among all workers. 3. Dependabili
I have made a terrible miscalculation and now Ihave to find a way to correct this horrible error!I was looking around for something to occupymy spare time and maybe earn a couple of extra dollars while doing so. THIS IS WHY I AM SO IRATE! a. I searched the internet to find something that I could do from home because nobodywanted to hire an old retired dude. When I would fill out applications, it proved to be awaste as no respectable hiring manager wouldagree to interview an old ge
1. Parents should start at an early age to establish basic guidelines with their young children in order to stabilize boundaries relating to what is acceptable and what is not acceptable concerning their behavior. This is very significant in that failure to do so could result in serious conflicts between the parent and child regarding the importance of defining the difference of who has the final say. 2. The role of the parent at this critical stage is so significant that failure to d
Attention potential enrollees, we are announcing an open enrollment at WAA and you are invited to attend. While many may bewary of such an announcement, there are people standing in a line to enter right now.We do not want anyone to miss this opportunity to register so some deadlines have been established. The final date for registeringwill be May 15, 2018 and that is FINAL! Because we have limited space and the lineshave formed outside waiting to enter have been estimated to be approximately
Message received from Kyle and Carson on April 18, 19 & 20 - Your content through Site Content has been found in Google. This means that Google has your page within their index to display within the search results. This is Amazing!April 18 - How This Document Could Change Your Life - Bing - Page 1 - Position 1April 19 - Successful Home Based Internet Marketing Business - Effect on Family Google & Yahoo - Page 1 - PositionApril 20 -How to Create Small Business Website
1. The life lessons learned in the WA community have a definite impact on members and others. The following observations demonstrate the levels of influence that members exert on new members, especially "Newbies". a. Each new member in WA joins with various degrees of understanding and capabilities that can be imparted to other members on a case-by-case basis. By interacting with the WA community, their own level of understanding will be greatly enhanced by this interaction. Each memb
Most people are reluctant to change their wayof doing things because they have developedconcrete beliefs that they know best. However,it should be pointed out that with changing times, new methods are sometimes required.Due to the fast moving changes being madeon a daily basis, the need to adapt is almostvital to insure a stable environment for all.This is where the grandparents are vital inthe family dynamic that could shape agrandchild's future relationship with allconcerned. Many factors ha
I am sure that many of us have pondered this question at one time or another. If you have given serious thought to the possibilities, then I ask, what are you wating for as many people are taking the plunge?The following questions would be pertinent inarriving at your decision: 1. What would it cost to start? 2. Do I have what it takes to start? 3. How much time would be required? 4. What training would I have to get to start? 5. Are there training platforms t
The purpose of this blog is to illustrate how the management style at WA differs with other organizations and entities. This style only serves to enhance the overallperformance of the members in the community, but translates to very successfulorganization that has approximately 1.4 Million active members world-wide.Kyle and Carson have built a world class organization that operates in a very smoothand orderly manner. WA is structured as such because the personnel are placed accurately; Jay as