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Hi all, I check my google webmaster tool and search for a ranking set of keywords and am pleased to see a blog post a wrote now at 8th on google first page. My first success from my MMO site.Just shows what can be achieved if you stick at the training and WA. This stuff really works! I can only imagine how good it can be if I actually create content as much as I should be doing lol! Anyway just a quick share and wishing everyone success. Thanks, Kenny
Hi everyone, Hope all of you are keeping well. So I was thinking, I know we all leverage this great community at WA for comments, but why don’t we start liking and sharing each other’s work too? That has to help with the search rankings right? Even if all we do is like each other’s posts it would help I think. So to that end if anyone that reads this wants me to like a few of your posts I’m happy to do so as I have a little free time right now. My only ask is that if you
January 20, 2019
Hi all, Hope everyone is doing great. So I have been a little less focused on my sites lately as my kids haven’t been too well. Nothing serious thankfully but still I didn’t have the time I would have liked to put into my blogging. However I’m pleased to say that a recent post I did has gone straight to number 9 on google search engines and I’m really happy. Just want to share with the community so if there is anyone else getting a little frustrated that they can’t
Hello everyone, So I had an idea. I was thinking that it could be really useful to help promote each other’s sites, (so long as there not in direct competition with eachother, lol), by either writing a small article about them on our own sites, adding in a link to an already existing post on our sites, or even a side widget link. How would that work? Well as an example , I have a baby niche site. I have a post about travelling with your baby. Maybe you have a site that is selling travel i
December 27, 2018
Hello all! Been a while since my last blog. I have now completed 6 months with WA premium membership! My notable achievements are: . 2 websites that are live and growing. . Achieved a number 1 spot on google with one of my product reviews.. Have actually started earning a small(very small) amount from my efforts.. I have made some great connections on this site from the incredible community here at WA.. And I have gained more knowledge in the last 6 months than I thought I would from this site.
November 27, 2018
Hi all, Been a while since I last blogged, so thought I’d see how everyone is and just give an update on how things are going. So I’m currently creating content for my MMO site and also my niche site. Been tough to do and juggle work and my responsibilities as a husband and dad too. But that’s part of life’s challenges. Lol.Still that hasn’t stopped me slowly improving my content and site rank with my niche site. I hope to have some good news to share with everyon
Hi all, Just an update on the progress of one of my sites. My impressions, click through and overall rank are getting a little better each day and I can wait to see what happens as google trusts my site a little more each month. Keep up with training folks, it will come good for you in the end. Thanks, Kenny
October 26, 2018
Hi all WA peeps, Hope you’re all doing great. I just wanted to share with you some great news I got recently. One of my product reviews is ranking 2nd on Google’s search engines! It’s a really cool feeling to see something you wrote ranking on the first page of google. And considering that it’s an Ergobaby product, and the number 1 spot is the Ergobaby site, I’ll take 2nd place! lol.It shows that the training on WA really does work! So don’t get disheartened
October 22, 2018
Hi all, Pleased to say I am still trending up, despite not creating as much content as I should duevto a busy work and family schedule. Need to get back to the consistent content creation soon. Hope everyone is doing well. Thanks, kenny
Hi all WA peeps,Hope all is well with you all this weekend. I wanted to share my google search results over the last 3 months and would love to know how others here at WA are doing. Is this average, better, worse etc. So please feel free to comment below if you have sec. Thanks Kenny