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June 09, 2015
I'm quite nervous about creating my own product...but i am going to do it.Admittedly this will be short, but thought I will record it down :)
May 12, 2015
Because once you stop, there is no progress.Essentially, being an affiliate, you never stop learning either. You start from scratch, from domain names to websites, hosting and pages and posts and niches.Then you move on to forms and subscribers, getting products to blog and promote, how to promote and writing them out regularly. Then you learn more about email marketing to add to your affiliate marketing, getting sales and google adsense.Do you stop there?NO! Because once you stop, you stop lear
May 07, 2015
Hey everyone,I’ve decided to go all out into entrepreneurship this year, after having seen how many people have changed their lives using the power of internet marketing. Two of the mentors I’ve been following for some time, are Imran Md Ali and Dave Rogers, veteran entrepreneurs who have achieved success in their own fields for many years now.I’ve also realised the importance of having guidance to be successful in anything one wishes to be successful in, be it in life, love, business, or
December 20, 2014
Well ok it starts with a story :) So anyway, I have started writing artciles/ stories for this great place! It is a way for me to gain exposure and reach a lot more people as well! Here's the story: Please click and read, and after reading, you can comment or share or both! Thank you so much guys! Let's work to success together! :D
November 13, 2014
Ok so I did some changes to the About Me, and was wondering how does it look to you? Is it too formal? Too informal? Too much? :\ Cheers!
Obviously I am very sad about it .... I thought I had a lot of content in it already... although perhaps the content is not well organized? Oh well... back to the drawing board :(
July 27, 2014
I don't know if this should be under training, but I shall put it as a blog for now. Alright, so you been in WA for some time and while some have the easiest possible luck with getting comments, some of you have great difficulty to get comments. This is one way that all of us can reach a high number of comments easily! And no, you don't have to download or install anything. Ultimately, it actually depends on your effort and hard work. So what is it? A very simple way to get comments (and
July 17, 2014
It's been a while that I have not been so active in WA or in my website... Things are rough when there is a death in the family... Anyway, I will do my best to pick it up again :) Check out my recent post on happiness (I needed it so.. haha) Cheers!
April 15, 2014
So some of you probably have read my blog about my health, and some of you probably have not. Some of you will know that I do numerology profiling, and some of you do not. Basically, due to me having no work and poor health, I am quite stuck at home. So I wanna do some work on my numerology reports. So especially for you guys at WA, my numerology reports are now at only $20 lowest instead of the usual $25!! That's a 20% discount!! :O You could comment below your details such as date and email,
April 05, 2014
So I suddenly got news about my health and it was bad... It appears that I have spine degeneration with multiple curvatures of the spine. Why is that bad? Well, most people get 1 or 2 curves which is pretty common. I got 6 curves. What this means is that I got to go for regular treatments and worse still, I just got fired O_O Not to mention my spontaneous puemothorax years ago which the doctor said, they have to be very careful with my treatments... Well of course, I knew my health is bad based