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I am sure I am the only one in WA that has challenges with energy, focus, and cognitive clarity... ha ha! In the last two months I have run into help in this area. My friends John and Catherine Edwards are giants in the direct sales industry and called me to tell me of their new product to help remove "Brain Fog etc"...... seems these days everybody has this challenge. I tried their product and got good results. You can check their product out at my web page;
September 12, 2014
Much of this post will feel like repetition..... will cause your brain to fire off.... I KNOW THAT!!! What else ya got??? I remind myself repetition is the mother of Mastery.... and it is NOT WHAT YOU KNOW its HOW you use WHAT YOU KNOW!!! I woke up this morning with a powerful sense of gratitude. I am alive, my kids and grandkids are doing great... I own a home and other property...I have enough food and clean water... I have a beautiful wife I am retired from my career and starting a new one
September 10, 2014
You can't try fire walking you HAVE TO DO IT or your feet get a little warm. The fire walk is the first night of a 4 Day event with Tony Robbins called, Unleash the Power Within... I have done this twice and it is a complete Focus experience. The walk is not about new picnic It is about overcoming fear....fear that stops you from success at whatever you want.... the success that never seems to work out... the fear that comes from within that sabotages your dreams and makes you
Here we are 6:00 A M Central Standard time in South Padre Island Texas.... no sunrise yet over the palm trees near the Gulf of Mexico... but enough about the misery of my life... LOL Some asked how did you get over 1000 of today over 1400 It took from January thru August to get 900.... granted I had done my version of Rip Van Winkle on WA... March thru August... I was not active. When I was a NEW newbie.... I am an old newbie now...just got restarted on Labor week ago.
September 01, 2014
Here we are Labor Day 2014 and we have 1000+ followers…. So let's get together and change all of our worlds
September 01, 2014
I joined in January this year and in a matter of days was ranked below 300…. I was on fire and flying. Well then Life happened and I allowed that to redirect all of my focus away from WA… I am back with a digitally controlled thermostat to control my fire to a no burnout level and binoculars to look ahead for Life's Challenges so as not to be surprised by them. I am back to stay… am redoing my WA classes and am ready for some slow and steady success. Best wishes to all WA folks
I had another HA HA AH DUH moment this morning while reviewing my own profile .... to make sure the guy that wrote the words was me... and all the fun associated with that 1st Day actually took place I guess I better explain the HA HA AH DUH...HUH :) While reviewing my stated goals/dreams/wishes for the IM world I re-read the part about wanting to sell online, on high speed internet, while looking at the ocean and explained... all that was already possible except for what WA wo
February 07, 2014
Good morning..... A WANT TO expresses that ...God Given need to get off your ASSETS and get to it....Whatever your IT is. No I did not say "What the meaning of Is is...thank you Mr. President :) Burning Desire as Napoleon Hill said in Think and Grow Rich.... not only money either. Although money ain't bad...Oh sure it won't solve your problems.....but pulling up to your problems in a STRETCH LIMO will certainly help you focus on a great solution. You get the idea ladies...Born to shop. " I have
February 06, 2014
One of the reasons I have enjoyed my short stay at WA is helpful cooperation with each other and the attitude for success so wonderfully displayed here. Alright PETA calm down I am not talking about THAT KIND of ALLIGATOR. I am referring to the ones that sleep next to you at night that know all the right buttons to push.... because they Love you and want the Best for you and don't want poor little ole dummy you to fail. They claim to have a bad memory....but can remember every single time you
February 02, 2014
Since I was around when dirt was created...... I have had the chance to watch every Super Bowl..... (bucket list....want to be in stadium one time while the game is being played) Whether it be golf, or hockey, or basketball.... or Football, I am reminded of a Leadership Seminar in Charlotte, NC. in 1984 You know the usual coffee, donuts, and OK let's get started with introductions routine. At the time i was living in Irving, Texas where the original Cowboy stadium was located. I got to go to wa