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Helping spread something besides a virus
Do you know there is a floating island in the Pacific that is the size of the state of Alaska? That’s 600.000 square miles or I965606.4 kilometers of garbage!! It’s one of three gigantic floating masses of plastic floating on our oceans. That’s in addition to literal rivers of floating plastic and debris making its way toward the ocean. But did you know that there is finally a workable solution if all of us do our part to start the ball rolling? Unlike other proposed solutions
The myth of "perfect" by Ozan VarolWe had a major problem on our hands.At the time, I was serving on the operations team for the 2003 Mars Exploration Rovers project, which sent two rovers—Spirit and Opportunity—to Mars. The rovers arrived on the red planet at two different landing sites.We had some idea of what to expect when we landed. We had seen snapshots of the two landing sites taken from Martian orbiters.But once we touched down, our expectations for both landing sites turned
This is an article written by Ozan Varol. I thought it was worth sharing. As a young boy growing up in Istanbul, my vision of America was put together from an eclectic set of American TV shows selected for translation to Turkish.America’s ambassadors to Turkey included Cousin Larry in Perfect Strangers, the Tanner family in ALF, and Al Bundy in Married with Children (which strongly reinforced every stereotype that people ever had about Americans).But another ambassador stands out and dese
September 01, 2019
Playing the hurricane game. Dorian is BIG and unpredictable. Round 'n round it goes, where it's headed, nobody knows. Everything here is tied down or put away, extra non-perishable food stocks on hand, extra batteries purchased, new generator on hand, reserve fuel in storage, all vehicles are fueled, water bricks are ready for filling, plenty of skeeter spray on hand, mud boots handy, window covers are ready to go up at a moment's notice, kayaks in storage, rechargeables recharged, propane tank
August 08, 2019
Here's a link to a very insightful article by Ozan Varol. It has to do with establishing a stable base for your online business that is resistant to the whims of social media, fads, etc. thought some of you might find it interesting. KC
August 07, 2019
United Launch Alliance (ULA) will fly the most powerful member of its Atlas V fleet at 5:44 a.m. EDT Thursday, launching from Cape Canaveral, Florida. What does this have to do with WA? Absolutely nothing but you can watch it online and get a stellar start to your day. no, I'm not a NASA or ULA affiliate. ;-)
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July 22, 2019
Fran, FKelso, referenced a quote today that resonated with me. "All you need is the plan, the road map, and the courage to press on to your destination." Earl NightingaleIt’s all about the training. Basic training and ingrained habits determine where you end up in life. Clearly the quality of training you receive will markedly impact the results you obtain. The training here within WA is an experience, results-based step-by-step training program you can completely rely on as a guide to su
Here's a neat little test I found interesting. Gives you some insight as to what kind of Creative you are. our strengths and weaknesses is important with regard to our goals here on WA. I'll have to say the results of mine were dead on. Interesting questions too. Hope you enjoy