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This is sure fire and it works because you as a member of WA are unknowingly or knowingly using this test it out on your niche and you will smile all the way to the bank. First things first 1 -Know your market and creating the kind of things they like 2–Be confident in your ability to sell things that they want to buy , give them solutions to their problems answer their questions or concerns , provide solutions Here is a Two-step marketing model that is sure fire Step 1 Attract a qualified le
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April 12, 2014
Well thanks every one , i have done my first research and written my first content , built the skeleton of my site very soon I will be a force to reckon with , I'm sorry through the process I didn't contribute much to the class but hopefully will revert back and do the steps I skipped pressed for time and racing against the internet timer I fast forwarded most videos but still I'm in this to win and win I will. Here is my post , also added my site Yes so you ar
April 05, 2014
Well I have started enjoying internet marketing take a look at my first WA Campaign and my site is almost done , you guys rock thanks for the info - I believe it is better to keep quiet and learn from the best them help others who are still struggling , the stuff here works online and offline -