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So, I guess it's no surprise for anyone who knows me, but I have totally let my entire blog go.Right now I'm trying to get my life back under control, but that seems impossible, and parts of me are completely paralysed when it comes to making positive steps in my life. It's to a point where I feel as if I'm drowning in a sea of nothingness, with no driftwood in sight.Oh well, here goes nothing.
Hi guys!I haven't been to active on here lately, and I feel like I haven't been taking advantage of the time I have now to work on my website, but I'm trying to get back into it. I have a problem consistently writing.I finally coughed up $50 and bought a nice looking WordPress theme, check it out and tell what you think if you feel like it :)How's everyone been? I hope the holidays have been wonderful. It can be a heard time of year.All the best from Zakynthos,Katia :)
October 30, 2015
Hi guys,So I finally made it to Europe a month ago. On the first of October I landed in Athens Airport. I spent my first two weeks in Athens, spending it with my Aunty and her family. The last couple of weeks I've spent on the island of Zakynthos in the village that my late Grandfather was born in.It's been pretty awesome living here with my family and I even tamed a baby kitten, but I still haven't been working on my website half as much as I should have. I have made a fair bit of progress on
Hi everyone, long time no speak!So I'm running my first facebook promotion, and I'm getting a little nervous about it! Anyone who read my previous posts about how much I hate facebook and how much it stresses me out might find this surprising, however, I guess it's a necessary social media aid for any website, so I may as well put my all into it!I'm going to be drawing a raffle for a $100 gift voucher of the winner's choosing. I don't know if this is going to work yet, but I'm letting people e
Hi everyone,It's so funny, after joining WA I've become more and more involved in actually embracing life around me...which means I've had less time to write posts!I recently started doing stand up comedy at this open mic night a couple of weeks ago and now I find so much of my mental time focused on doing that!Also, learning German in preparation for my trip is taking up a lot of my time.But it's a long weekend here in Australia so I'm hoping to get a few posts under my belt that I can schedule
Hello everyone, I've found lately that I've gotten a little lazy when it comes to writing posts. I've been averaging about one a week (which isn't TOO bad but definitely isn't the ideal) and there's another problem...I haven't actually been writing posts with affiliate links! I've been getting too caught up with writing things I just like! At least I'm still researching my keywords though hahaI guess I just have to make sure to sit down and write a post every couple of days or so. I know what I
Hello fellow WAers,So I've been using WA for a month now and I've got to say that this is the most supportive community I've EVER come across.I think I've become a little addicted honestly.I had found myself stuck (please see previous blog for details) because I didn't want to use facebook for promoting my website but thanks to all the amazing support from everyone here I've pushed through and after a week of doing basically nothing on my website I'm now almost finished Course 4, YAY!Another mil
So, I've been using Wealthy Affiliate for almost a month now to develop my website. It took me a week or so to actually choose my niche and go with it. I've chosen travel blogging, but A-Z, from conception to reflection, just my entire experience.This last week I found that I hadn't done that much with my site. I think this was to do with being stuck on Course 4 of the training here.After my boyfriend and I broke up a month ago I finally took one of the biggest steps I could in my small life and
April 19, 2015
Some days...well...most days I find it a real struggle to work on my website. Writing the content is usually okay, I usually do this on the train on the way to work or a doctor's appointment but doing the actual work with keyword searches and picking topics and affiliate marketing, all that sort of stuff really tired me out when i try to do it at the end of a long hard day. I've been working on my website now at wealthy affiliate for a couple of weeks but I'm just not someone with a lot of pati
April 17, 2015
So it's been almost two weeks since I've joined WA and I can't believe how far I've come! It's been a little difficult as I work full time and often suffer from fatigue but I've done a few things I bought a laptop so I can write posts on my commute to and from work everyday I try and make a habit of staying back at work for an hour a day to do some training and write some content I started my website I've gotten the basic hang of wordpress I've got 6 pages and 3 posts on my website I've gotten