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I like being right, but unfortunately; I have perfected the art of making mistakes. I am now very good at errors. If you thought this article was about political ideology you will soon find out you are wrong and we can be in the same club.I Broke My ComputerOne day, while working at the computer repair shop, an elderly gentleman brought in his computer. I was getting all the pertinent information, Name, Address, etc. then I asked the wrong question.I asked what brought him in the shop today, and
I have always considered myself to be an outdoorsy kind of guy. I like hiking, bicycling, canoeing, skiing, basically anything that will get me back into nature. I wouldn't consider myself an athlete because I don't do well in competitive sports. I didn't play basketball or baseball or anything that a lot of kids did when I was growing up. I was in my twenties when my friend Jim dropped by my office. He asked if I had ever done any back-packing. I had to confess that I had not but it
When my friends first heard I was leaving my good job to start my own business, they generally thought I was crazy. Even my friends from business school scolded me and said things like 'Don't you know most new business fail?' Owning Your Own Business - Insane!Of course I knew the odds were against me. There are all kinds of statistics on the probability of a new small business making it. I've been teaching business for years and every textbook has a different number. Some say 90%
A business that runs itself?Wow, what a concept. I want one of those.I have been looking for such a business for years and years. There are tons of offers on the internet telling me how I can make big bucks while sitting on the beach. That would indeed be the life. Thank goodness no one else has ever thought of this, or everyone would be doing it. Right!I have been wrong a lot of times in my life, so I am certain someone will comment that they have been doing this for years and they definitely
Things Are Not Always As They AppearWhen I was growing up, Mom and Dad were terrified of the water. We were not allowed to go swimming if we had eaten in the last 36 hours (ok, slight exaggeration) and we had to have at least three other people with us in case we were attacked by a shark. We live in the Midwest, there isn't a big incidence of fatal shark attacks here.At bath time, we weren't allowed to have more than 2" of water in the tub. We could slip, fall and drown in the bathtub. H
I was so excited about my first commission yesterday, I wanted to upgrade my transportation. I believe a car is an extension of one's personality. I carefully searched and found just the right car for me. One that says 'Hey, it's me.' One that women will love. Here is my choice.
Happy First Day of Summer. It's a balmy 84 degrees here at the Lake of the Ozarks in Missouri. I'm watching the birds circling for lunch over the lake and I'm just generally being happy and feeling very successful. Yes, if you read my previous post, you know I just earned $0.34 in affiliate commissions. Of course that is outstanding news and demonstrates to me what I always knew: Kyle and Carson are correct – This Stuff Works!While money is important – that's not wha
I've just joined the club!My first Affiliate Commission was logged yesterday. I am only $999,999.66 away from becoming a millionaire!Although I can't even buy a pack of gum with it - I feel like a Million Bucks!Total Commission: Thirty Four Cents U.S.
June 18, 2013
When I was growing up, my parents repeatedly had a mantra about my grades in school. They always said a grade of C is good enough, and they would be happy with me. At school, I was always just slightly better than average, getting grades of B and C in my classes. As long as I didn't get poor grades (D or F), everything was fine. I followed the path of least resistance and did just enough to stay out of trouble at home. I was ordinary.I have always been a passive person, avoiding conflict whe
I am currently listening to Robin Sharma's audio about Success. This guy is inspirational and he talked about how successful people do, more then they talk. If you haven't heard it – you should take the time to do so. Follow this link. reminded me of a situation at the tool company. One of my departments was the traffic department. Fo