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Yesterday marks my 1 year journey into the deliberate improvement of my life, financially and emotionally. A lot has happened and I feel like I have grown up and become more mature in the process.Keep On Dreaming BigNothing sucks more than to hold your breath and waiting for the one moment you've been working towards. Patience is not something I'm good at, I discovered. Nonetheless, I've achieved a lot in 12 months and I'm far better off for it. I've created 2 sites with a growing reader base.
July 07, 2019
Hello fellow marketers!I thought it was time that I started giving feedback on my income since I decided to create passive income streams in July 2018.On a side note, I will be reaching my one year anniversary of following the kaizen principle at the end of July. It marks the day that I decided to make a great change in my life and stop living for pennies.It is a remarkable feeling, knowing that I have already come so far with my goals. Without further ado, here's my income report for June 2019
Good day everyone!A while back I posted an update on my newly developed income streams. since then I have progressed very far with some and slow with others.And... I've come to a crossroad.My PredicamentYou see, my Forex income has suddenly left me a big surprise that sort of left affiliate marketing as a slow income.In the past week, without touching my Forex account and simply copying other traders I've made about $300 in profit and it is still growing everyday, successfully. It was also my f
So, recently I've been searching for job opportunities related to affiliate marketing, and the one word that keeps popping up is Copy Writer.At first, I thought it had to do something with copyright and how you are writing content that is unique and has authority.I was sorely mistaken, as my research quickly led me to a marketing gimmick that have been around for longer than I've lived.The name may be outdated as well as its original definition but it quickly dawned upon me that I have been app
I'm so excited to have been chosen to participate in the 2019/2020 Super Affiliate Challenge. An opportunity has been given and a door has been opened to succeed!I am looking forward to working with everyone who has been chosen. Great success can be achieved by simply working together.We are busy with the first week's tasks and since I have already completed level 1 of Bootcamp, I need to publish posts on my affiliate site. I will keep everyone posted on my progress!
Since July 2018, I have decided to do whatever it takes to improve my life, financially. The dreams of what I can achieved followed.I started with small ideas that I now realize would not have brought me much progress. I didn't dream big enough yet. But Wealthy Affiliate has offered me boundless perspective that altered my approach to a scale that finally delivers the outcome I wanted to achieve.Day JobThis is my least favourite form of income, but it is also the income that sustained my initia
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February 26, 2019
The past few months... yes months... has been quite a learning curve. There were times when I thought I might just give up on affiliate marketing and times when I thought I'll just straggle along and maybe I'll get lucky.Looking back, I see the progress I have made and hard lessons learned from approaching affiliate marketing as a bit naive. My views changed and I've implemented approaches that I think I never would've learned if it wasn't for WA training and the many live classes.At the end of
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November 02, 2018
Hi everyone!I left a question on my profile asking any and all to leave an honest opinion of their time at WA. It would be great to hear from you as well.I want to deliver a sincere article on my WA review and would like nothing less than real testimonials for my readers! Please leav me your testimonial at the link below! :)==> Leave your opinion here
It has been an incredible journey so far! I have learnt to ride the waves and let the lessons guide me through some real life applications of website building. At every step there was something new that I learned that I wasn't previously aware of.I think I am now getting settled in and getting ready to begin with the intermediate lessons that requires a bit more focus. I love the intricacies of what is possible as you improve!
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September 19, 2018
I felt its time that I shared a little about myself. For me, going forward has always been an absolute goal. But, to be honest, the last few months have felt like I have seen my goal, only to find myself in a traffic jam called life. It is so unnerving to live and put your dreams aside until you have more time. Or is it?Patience is not one of my true virtues and I embrace it! It allowed me to research what feels like hours of research to find that one idea that will generate an income; that mom