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Since I started a couple weeks ago in early December, its been lots of new learning for me and I love it. Little struggles here and there, but the community is incredible. Such awesome help :) I am liking my niche of decreasing stress and even had a situation that was kind of ironic regarding my niche. Dropped my iphone in water. That's a stressful moment! I am sure many people have experienced this lovely event. I didn't just get it wet was fully submerged. I grabbed it quickly but it wa
I started one week ago today with WA and am so glad I did. This has been a great experience and continues to be. I work fulltime Monday through Friday and mostly get to invest time into WA on nights and weekends. It is an investment well made.... and worth it for the eventual goal of financial freedom! I find it neat that I actually made a website. This is not my area of expertise with my degree and work I do, so it is great to be learning something new. The WA site makes it possible with step
December 07, 2013
I am just getting started here on WA. Lots information and helpful people. I have slowly progressed in the last few days to be able to navigate the site a little better. I managed to pick out a niche, make a web site, add an affiliate, and started building a network of people. still a bit stumbly and needing work on the appearance of the main page. I have changed the theme a few times and still not quite there but getting there. I figured out how to post on the site and have one so far. I like