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March 14, 2017
Hello and thank you for checking out my latest post!First off we need to get some terminology straight when it comes to the adsense codes. When you first signup to adsense they say that you need to put some code in your page. In the head section after the <head> and before the </head> tag. This code is a one time thing that will be used to tell google adsense that the site is yours and to register the site with adsense.The verification code is a one time thing. It IS NOT the ad code
March 12, 2017
Ok first off, I don't want to offend anyone, so I have to start off with the disclaimer. I am not calling you stupid, I am not calling anyone in your family stupid and of course I would never call your dog stupid. The stupid I am referring to is in reference to myself.As some of the people that I have interacted with here at WA know, I have been messing around with website building for more than a few years. I suck/sucked at it. I would read tons of how tos, all abouts and watched 1.2million vi
March 08, 2017
I asked this in questions, but don't really see it getting much activity there and its Huge!:)So while keeping an eye on a few of my posts, I noticed that the estimated traffic shown from the keyword tool is not the same as shown from other tools on a few of my posts for certain keywords. I have been watching them for a few weeks and it's repeatedly showing me that those blog post keywords are garbage, are not getting any traffic and will not be getting any down the road.My question is, does an
February 28, 2017
While going through the courses I am at Course 3 and there have been a few lessons about actually putting affiliate links on your website. During the lessons, Kyle shows how to put links throughout a review post. At this time, I don't have any reviews so I created a products page with a listing of quite a few different products. What concerns me about this route, is that this may make my site look more like a seller site than a information site and turn people off.I do have a review section in
February 21, 2017
Well its been approximately 2 weeks and I just wanted to share an update as to how the progress is going, how the website is shaping up and how Wealthy Affiliate is measuring up!When I first signed up, I went through the first course pretty quickly, with WA covering a lot of the topics I was pretty familiar with. I had my niche selected and went straight into hosting my own domain, since the ultimate plan is to learn how to get traffic to my website, I wanted to work on an actual website I owne
February 19, 2017
Sometimes after you've been going through the courses and soaking up every little drop of priceless information about Wealthy Affiliates, building websites, using wordpress and incorporating SEO into your webiste, its always good to take a break, relax and check out some of the other totally awesome features available here.When I reached the point in the Certification courses where Kyle talked about leaving and getting feedback on your website, I definitely got excited. Even more so when I lear
February 12, 2017
Every article, post, lesson or person I interact with shows how valuable this community and the information gained here have so much value.I have worked on my websites for years, 2 websites are and were over 2 years old and the traffic to this day is zero. The rankings are horrible. Granted 1 of the websites I stopped updating a long, long time ago due to not really wanting to get any communication from it, but my other site I updated at least weekly. In the end, I got disgusted and threw one o
February 10, 2017
Premium is definitely the way to go!I started my journey many, many years ago. It involved wishing for a career doing something, anything online as a career. I knew it was possible, I've seen other people doing it and I can read about people doing what I wanted to do. During the course of this long, long journey, I dove in head first into making a website, throwing content at it and hoping something would stick, begging DMOZ to add my site and reading every article I could find on getting traff
February 09, 2017
Been a member for less than 10 minutes and I am already very, very impressed with the website and community!:)