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Here's a brief personal resume and then maybe some hopefully useful "old fart" advice mainly for the techies.I'm almost 68 with a BA in Math and Applied Electrophysics/MS Computer Science, an x-programmer/technical writer/embedded software guy/systems analyst/senior large computer system development manager, small electronics company engineering vp, and other technical whatever. Sort of retired in my late 40s, traded stocks, options (my favorite) and some futures for about 10 years. Then in
August 03, 2014
Since content writing is so important to internet marketing success, I hope the following is helpful. Its purpose is not necessarily to help you write better text, but rather to remove a possible “writing roadblock.” This is applicable only to website content writing. It does not apply to the text for podcasts, narrations, or video dialog. ---------- “Write like you talk” is a key piece of advice some how-to-write books espouse. Sounds simple enough. Problem is, it is not. It m
July 21, 2014
Hi, Just a quick hello to everyone. I hope you are all doing well. Being new to internet marketing, I don't yet have anything to offer there, but a quick read of my profile may suggest some topics I may be able to help with. So ask. With all the learning I need to do, I don't expect I'll be able to follow many of you, but ask or "call" even if you just need an ear or sounding board. Best, JustBob