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Help me celebrate with my blog this Valentine's week :-) Anyway, with 128 post & 128 comments and counting it's not that much but so happy to see it my progress. For almost 2 years now since I joined WA and at the beginning I don't know how to getstarted but I just keep searching and learning the ins & out. But now! here I am.....just laughing at myself...LOL :-)Blessings are coming in...I make money now left and right....people asking me how to get involved with my blog as they area Fr
Hey guys and gal,I've been away here for awhile but my heart still here in Anyway, just letting you know that I am happy today to achieved this goal 100 article post into my blog. And most of this post was created by top notch freelance writers that guest posting into my blog. I am running this blog now Hands I've been busy doing some money making project on the side. So, I apologize to those who followed me but I answered all their messages though :-) Anyway, gonna run aga
Hey WA Family,I just want to let you know guys that I am still watching every hour of the trainingthat you created. Also, I've been busy building my blog and now it's worth it becauseI have create relationships to other freelancer or writers. They are busy sending me their articles once or twice a week. Sometimes I can't keep it Anyway, celebrate with me that I reach one of my goal to have 100 commentsand over 50 post in my blog...Yeeheeey! :-) I included the screenshots below to en
Hey everyone,I'ts been awhile that I am away but I am still checking my account here and there.Right now, when I login it just pop up that I earn a badge that I am here 1 Year Anniversary already...Wow! that fast :-)Anyway, I just want to share that here and to let you guys know that I am so busywith more projects and doing some internet marketing also on the side. My blogsare doing good so far and publishing more articles. I got lucky that many people are contributing their articles into my bl
Hey WA family,How's everyone doing? I was out for like 2 months now for the big projectthat I have. Passive Income what we call it...but I am back once again :-)Anyway, I hope everyone is doing well and making some progress of their works.Just want to encourage everybody that just continue doing what you LOVE...cPeace Out!Julius
Hello WA Family,I've been busy and working on this project for couple of weeks with no sleepy nights with so much coffee to drink so that not to fall asleep and Yes! It Paid off now baby :-) LOL..Actually, it was easy to work on this project and the only that cost me a little more money is on marketing. But, when they start subscribing and start buying the product then, it was easy money. Now, I have money on the side to paid off my debt. Well, this is a great feeling and a big blessing and now
Hello WA family,Today, I am so excited that 3 of my keywords are on First Page!I am so excited you guys...yahooo! Anyway, hard work paid off. Just want to say that anything is impossible if you work hard towardsyour goals. And I could see it right now that is coming slowly but surely..Lol.Well, I just want to encourage everyone that Affiliate Marketing is not a get richovernight, it's a sweat and blood to earn your success :-) haha...That's all folks....!!! Happy Blogging.Let's Celebrate! :-)Mo
Just to let you guys know that I've been here 4 months now and I am Fired Up! :-) I went Yearly Premium this month of May and I am serious about this business.Just to motivate someone out there that this business is not a get rich scheme!It takes time to build it but at the end it really worth it baby! :-) Just keep this short and straight to the point. Keep your head up! And start workinghard on your business. You will just surprise at the end and reap a good harvestfor your effort.Be a blessi
I hope everyone had a great time Celebrating Cinco de Mayo. Some of you are celebrating on this occasion "Cinco de Mayo" as I live here at in the City of San Francisco, California that is so popular or we had the diversity of people here around the world.We Celebrate Cinco de Mayo also here at SF Park with a dance and Parade.As they had a game Vs. Rockies today Friday until this weekend.This is a late post of mine because I fall asleep last night preparing the kids to get in bed....Lol...Well,
Hey, everyone!I am serious about this business that's why I decided to go Yearly Premium. Plus, I saved lots of money doing it...haha...And oh! No more worried about monthly payments for a year...BOOM!Well, if your thinking to do upgrade then, do it now! The training here are so wonderful, just don't have time sometimes. But if you want your business to grow then, let's set a time for our own business.BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! Shakala.....I think I heard this from a song...make me hyper..haha...Let's m