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I was so happy this morning when I got up and noticed that I had reached the TOP 200 level here at WA. I even poured a little bit of my best Scotch (Chivas Regal) in my coffee and enjoyed it. Well, I want to say "THANK YOU" to all of you my friends who supported me during the past 21 months. I have not posted a lot but I worked on WA every day and I will continue until I reach my final goal which is to have many websites up and running and "Making Money" and to help as many friends as i can. So
March 05, 2019
Big market for SCAMMERSThousands of people everyday trying to create their own online Home Business are affected by "SCAMMERS". The idea of having an online home business is just great but it also hides a lot of Grey corners where SCAMMERS hang out. Every day, I hear or read about someone having lost a pile of money to SCAMMERS. I and many of my friends have also been caught by unlawful schemes. Since we are never over informed about the "How NOT TO get SCAMMED" I want to help anyone who needs
December 10, 2018
Good day my friends,I really feel like a winner today and it deserves a great "Flypass" . After 1 1/2 year with wealthy affiliate and going through a business closure due to partners issues and all of the mess to clean up, I finally achieved a Great Milestone in my new career. I have finally completed my first Affiliate Site (well....just one post....) but with banners and all. I am sooooo happy, I have to tell the world. For all of you who have just started out with our great family or others
Good evening to all my friends, I finally concluded all activities on Level 1 training (Entrepreneur). It took me a while but I can tell you that I have accumulated a lot of knowledge and built my own database of "smart input" from all of you here at WA over the past year and I have met real wonderful people and made great friends. I thank you all for being there and although I am not the type of person to ask for a lot of help, every time I did need help, you were always there. I sincerely tha