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I knew that this WA community was powerful! But dang! Not this strong! So I am never one to post a pic of anything but when I woke up this morning and saw the results, my jaw dropped. Two days ago, I created a discussion named "I Need Help Please?" and everyone came through BIG TIME! With your help, my post generated a total of 21 comments in literally TWO DAYS! The same day I posted that discussion, I got 100 hits on my site!!! If that's not support from a community, I don't what is. What's ev
So it took me longer than usual to get through the second certification course. I would like to think, however, that it for good reason. I was trying to get the look of my website down and I have been creating videos like CRAZY! My time has been going to my website, so it isn't a bad thing that it took me a little bit longer to get through the course. On my YouTube channel, I have 12 videos averaging about 11 minutes long each. I had a custom intro created for my channel and you can check out a
10 Day Goal - Create a website and devote at least 25 hours towards development. This was my first non-financial goal here at WA. I have well surpassed this with over 40+ hours of working on my website. I am very excited to announce that I have 8 videos of content (each about 8-12 minutes in length) in my niche that I am set to release by Monday of this week. I would like to point out the aspects of my business I feel that I have done well in and others that have not gone well. Positive Aspects
Turning Dreams Into Reality I just woke up this morning feeling a bit inspired so I decided to write a quick blog post for everyone out here in the WA community. When I got started about 8 days ago, I was thinking about literally just taking a quick browse at this site. I had no idea what it was about and I surely wasn't aware of how many members we have here. My dream before starting any Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) ventures has always been to become an affiliate marketer. Since the day I w
So I finally added all the pictures to my pages. I also shot 4 videos and edited them to upload to YouTube tomorrow. Feeling very excited because I feel like I'm making a lot of progress. Look forward to some more training and writing some more posts in the coming days. Goodnight WA fam!
So I just completed the first course here at WA and must admit... I'm LOVING the vibe here in the WA community. Honestly, the training did go over a few things I already knew, but it was pretty sweet to get a little refresher course. I feel that anybody with no experience could really benefit from the very first course and literally have a fully functioning website within the first couple of day of being here at WA. It's awesome to have a little checklist of tasks to ensure that we are not only