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March 24, 2021
Hope you all are doing well,things have really picked up for me lately I've been really busy. I've started working on a couple new projects and have been getting new clients for my online business as well. I'm really busy but enjoying every minute of it and I'm very thankful to have the opportunity to do so.I have decided to go forward with an idea I've had for a while now seeing as how the popularity of digital coins are through the roof right now. I've decided to develop my own digital curren
February 28, 2021
Hello everyone I hope your all doing well and having great success with your online journey. If you've read my previous blogs here you know about my issues I've been having but if you're just now tuning in I'll start from the beginning.So a little while back ago in the early part of January i logged in and discovered 2 of my domains I had purchased were gone one I purchased back in 2018 when I started and have lots of hours of hard work into. The other I purchased in December with a new vision
February 07, 2021
The weather said we were going to get a small amount of snow and it wasn't supposed to get cold enough to stick to the ground. It was a nice surprise to walk out and see what had accumulated throughout the night last night. I hope you all have a great day and a successful productive week ahead. All the best,Jonathon
I finally got both domains back into my account, the reason why they were transferred from my Account still isn't clear. It is a huge relief to have them back I would have to say that was a very stressful situation that I never expected.Now that this is all resolved I can finally get back to work on and finish up on some articles and get those published. Even though This has been one hell of an event this past three days. I'm just thankful not to have lost anything more than my time. On the oth
January 24, 2021
•As many of you know I've been working hard on building a new site on a new recently purchased domain. •Imagine creating lots of content and having almost every article you have written indexed in Google getting traffic and user engagement with a low bounce rate.•I've dedicated the last month almost 2 months of my life now to this new site and dedicated a year of my life to the other website. • both of these websites were starting to look like very promising income sources.&
January 20, 2021
It's been a while since I have been active in the community here. I apologize I just haven't been feeling the best the past couple weeks I tested negative for COVID 19 so that's a relief. I guess it's just that time of year, I have been feeling much better today. I went and got another tattoo that I really have been wanting to get I figured since I had the time and nothing else really to do I might as well lol why not? On the other hand Things are going great on the new site online money earn
I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas this year, even though the pandemic has certainly had an impact on the Christmas traditions around the world. Me and my wife with a few family members still had a great Christmas this year. Even though 2020 has ceartinly been a crazy unpredictable year I would have to say that there was still some positive things that happened. One thing that the year 2020 has taught me personaly is to appreciate the simple things in life more. I have high hopes for 202
December 23, 2020
It was a beautiful wendsday morning the day before Christmas Eve. I took this picture standing out in my driveway this morning I always like to come out and see the morning sky before I start my day.I've not been as active on here and I apologize I've just been working like crazy creating content. Even though I haven't been active on here so much I'm still contributing to members of the community by helping answer questions they have about affiliate programs I've written about and different th
I have been working on creating content nonstop for the new site. As all of you may know I purchased a new domain maybe 2 weeks ago. I had it indexed in google the first few days I've done nothing but keyword targeting with every aspect of it even the name of the site is a target keyword. Ive already got google Adsense to agree to start showing ads on the site as well. The name of the site is I know some of you already know but for those Just now tuning in I figured
December 08, 2020
I just thought I'd share this with you all about a comment i received on my new website and I honestly don't know what to think of it. I guess you just have those people who are maybe in a bad place in there lives and want to try to bring others down with them not sure what this person's reasoning was in this.As you all know I've been working hard on building my website I've been trying my best to post helpful content on the site. In my opinion I don't see why this p