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November 21, 2016
WHEN I CAN SAY SUCCESS !!!Almost everyone has a dream to become success, do not know when will happen and what kind of problem involve or when start to get it, like baby when he was born with nothing in his mind just keep going on until he can walk alone with nothing be worried about. He has nothing in his mind about failed, difficult, shame, hesitate maybe only the word “i have to do whatever everyone to do” without any problem in his mindLike me myself for couple months ago, i jus
September 24, 2016
TRY - TRY AGAINPreparing food and equipment for fishing, like we start on Wealthy Affiliate to begin the lesson with the hope to obtain addition resultTry to find a good place or just going to find place for fishing,do not know weather there are fishes or not.Just sitting down to start fishing until getting some fishes and no giving up.How do you know it will get fish and maybe need some research to make sure that the place have some fishes, and sitting down with passion and patient until you h
It is already become a custom for our family, every year visit to our parent and that is i do almost every year visit to our parent, this happen is the same with the big day for moslem called 'Hari Raya Idul Fitri'.Last year i have done it with no problem because i did not member at WA yet. This year i get stuck because my internet did not have signal, that is about three days, so i left with the WA activity, my planning was not going on on schedule, in had nothing to do with my internet, i fel
June 11, 2016
Firstly i thank to all members here , Especially to my network, i really thank to all of youI came to WA with the zero knowledge, i have been working hard to study all the lessons until now, it is not finish yet. I attempted to learn step by step, maybe so funny i have repeated for the lessons or videos until enough time or feeling its already understood, then going on to the next lesson, also i have problem with my english which i have left about 20 years never read and never use it.The time i
IMPORTANT VISITED BY NEW MEMBERThe blog written here just want to give some informations to all new member to do with, or to remember them do not forget, whatever must be registered.Hey how are you , you are on the right place on WA, if you have any problem do not hesitate to ask your questions , all community here are ready to answer and give some information you need, that all are necessary to reach out your goals easily. First thing complate your account setting, and for further information
All That Just For ExperiencesBeginning on the first time i signed in on WA, the time did not fill was running so fast. WA is owesome , everyone can learn what they want to be learning, arranged by the system easily. Me myself little by little can understand the lesson which i do not know before.After 7 days signed in on WA, i got problem to move to the premium, i spent almost a month to solve the problem, because i do not have credit card, do not understand about pay pal and the important thi