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Google Adsense is working - it got approved on my 2nd application now that my site no longer comes up blank. This intermittent "blank page" bug preventing Adsense approval had stopped me from completing Level 3.Seven ads on one page - is this normal? It's confusing for readers too, because some of these ads are in direct competition with the services that I'm recommending on my page. Some ads are actually complementary tech gadgets too which is a good thing! It's time for me to figure out a way
Didn't get any comments inside my website, nor any purchases, but did get some looks! Got the reddit idea from a 5-year old video of Jay's: "Your First 60 Minutes After Content Creation".
Level 2 is done! Going into Level 3 right away.John
Wasn't expecting this to happen that fast, but my Jaaxy numbers were stellar - so, they are a good indicator! Just one keyphrase used twice in a post. Imagine that.John