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It was a great feeling this morning when I checked my WA Dashboard and found a notification... Kyle had selected me for the Super Affiliate Challenge 20192020!!I feel so pumped to get my online business where it needs to be to become a Super Affiliate and I know there are many others who are sharing that feeling too.I have already put in a lot of hard work with my domain and know there is a lot more work to do but with Kyle and the rest of you supporting us. It is a great time to be part of t
Many people think the question "Is Blogging Hard?" I sometimes wonder whether we conjure up an image in our minds that it means we will be shackled to the laptop all the time or that you cannot write well so Blogging isn't for you...But that is simply not the case - Blogging is simply a way of communicating!Whether you are helping others, providing support to others or teaching people something the way we do it is communicating. Maybe the only difference is the way we do it.Last Night Got Me
September 2018 I set myself a goal, I was going to follow the Super Affiliate Challenge Training that Kyle had set out and push myself to make sure I did this blog right.My blog is now just over 6 months time, and I am really pleased with what I have been able to achieve in that time.I have 100 Blog posts on it, I am starting to get organic traffic from the search engines and can really see where it is going.Considering I still have a full-time job and family to consider, I am really chuffed wi
Wealthy Affiliate Works...If you Commit!One of the most common questions any WA member will get asked is "Does this Actually Work?"Affiliate Marketing allows us to build an online business in whatever niche we want, making it a great choice, as you already know your subject or are at least interested enough to learn everything there is about your chosen niche and Wealthy Affiliate offers all the tools, resources and (more importantly) moral support you will need to get started and build somethi
Hi all, hope you are well?For a few months now we have been told that Google+ was going to close. This is a shame, as we all know the benefits for rankings of posting your content onto Google+.Well, the date has been confirmed...Yes, as of April 2nd our Google+ account is going away. I would still post your content to it for now, as any benefit to your rankings is a good thing.Just a short blogpost, but wanted to let you know it is coming and is confirmed.Thanks John
I want to provide myself an update on where I am within the Super Affiliate Challenge, this will benchmark my progress.I am coming to the end of month four, and feel like I have made strides in building the foundation of my online business.This is where I am at, with my website. I am pretty chuffed with my progress, considering I still have a full-time job and family to cater for.Website - I have 77 posts and over 1200 comments (thanks to WA).I have focused a lot of a mixture of posts related
January 17, 2019
I have been working away at creating content for my site like many of you will be, but when I inspected one of my reviews I noticed it had an AMP issue.When I check into it, it was an image being smaller than recommended. Well, it turns out it can affect your rankings too.I tend to screenshot a logo for use next to the name of the product, but that screenshot was too small for AMP to work properly.Just thought I would share the experience, I need to know go back and review all my product revie
Have you been looking for help on How to Make Money from Working at Home? Then this post is going to share with you an awesome way to do just that using Affiliate Marketing.If you are not too sure on what Affiliate Marketing is or how you can make money from it and do it from anywhere, we will be showing you how exactly it works, how you can get some awesome help and support and personal guidance from experts in Affiliate Marketing.Affiliate Marketing might sound like a really alien concept to
January 15, 2019
I recently blogged how I was going to work hard to make this year successful with my online blog and then i log in today and find one of my referrals has gone premium with the annual subscription.After a crap weekend, where the car cost £1200 to get repaired and a few other things go wrong. It was so nice to see that my online business is starting to progress in the direction i wanted it to.I wish you all a successful 2019 and hope you all start seeing small successes that lead to big on
So, i have just entered my fourth month with my website for the super affiliate challenge.I have learned so much and feel like this will be the blog that sets me up for the big time!I have followed the training properly and followed all the steps. That might sound like "why, didn't you do that the first time around???"But it is easy to say that, but I have known many that have followed the shiny objects or not properly read through the steps and have missed key steps out.The training will neve