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October 24, 2020
LAVISH LUNCHEONS, A DANGEROUS FLIGHT, AND SAVING MONEYOnce the bond issue went through Hankamer purchased all the additional remaining open land and then sold it at an undisclosed ridiculously low amount an acre to 10 of his Wealthy friends. These individuals then became the Municipal Utility Department board.Which was required by Texas law to hold monthly meetings, at these board meetings they would set the rate of taxation they were going to apply to the property within their district. These
October 21, 2020
BABY, SHERIFF AND EXPENSIVE LUNCHEONSAnother happy and exciting event occurred in Murray's life on December 10, 1960, and that is when his wife Betty gave birth to their first daughter Sherry. His wife had a short stay in the hospital and brought the baby home to a happy household. Pioneer natural gas built a large Pipe threading plant in Louisiana, and Murray had to go there to give it an assessed value, he and his wife traveled to Louisiana and rented a motel room. Once in the motel room he s
October 19, 2020
ENGAGEMENT THEN A JOB AND WEDDING BELLS RINGMurray met his wife on a double date for Murray it was also a blind date, they got along famously and continued to date for the next nine months. As love would have it, Murray proposed to his future new wife Betty at a roller rink and that is when they became engaged in August 1959. The ring he gave her was his mother’s engagement ring that his mother had given him once he became a young man and he had carried ever since on his key ring.Murray&r
October 17, 2020
BLAZING CARS, GUNS, AND RACISMThere happened to be a time when Murray and Rawlings once again got together to head off to West Virginia, as usual Rawlings bought an old jalopy to resell when he got to West Virginia. Well this time they got as far as the mountains of West Virginia when the car conked out on them, trying as hard as they could, they could not get that car running again. Rawlings said to Murray I have never seen a car on fire going off a bluff, Murray replied neither have I, right
October 14, 2020
Carousing, sleepless night, and Arlington National CemeteryOn a holiday weekend which Murray cannot recall likely the 4th of July 1958, Johnny Rawlings asked Murray if he would like to go to West Virginia and get out of town for a while. Murray was more than willing except that he was broke, as it turned out so was Rawlings. Well Rawlings knew how to get some money and proceeded to go into Lafayette Square where there was a large gathering, and he had many friends.When Rawlings returned, he had
October 13, 2020
MEDAL OF HONOR WINNERS AND THE MERCURY 7 ASTRONAUTSDuring the interment of another unknown soldier in 1958, the service was attended by 210 Medals of Honor service winners. Murray had the luck to drive Gen. Doolittle, Audie Murphy, and Adm. Nimitz at different times from their hotels to either some general’s residence or a politician’s residence. The one important factor to him on these drives was his luck to drive Audie Murphy, Audie Murphy, Murray’s hero, plus he was from Te
October 11, 2020
PLAYING WITH MP's, MEETING THE PRESIDENT AND A 5 COURSE MEALMurray and about 10 other enlisted men thought they would have some fun with the MPs one early morning at approximately 1:30 AM. The enlisted men despised the MPs primarily because of their better than thou attitude, anyway Murray and the other enlisted men kept a man on look out while they went out from the mess hall. The MPs used to regularly park their vehicle and go into the mess hall and screw around with the wacs which they were
October 09, 2020
INTERESTING INFORMATION AND DR\IVING GENERALSAnother interesting thing about the early days was that Murray as a driver knew where all the Nike missile bases were that surrounded Washington in those days. One day while he was driving a full bird colonel as that top-rank was called, the Col. took him to a Nike missile site, that very site was in action a few days prior. There was what they call a bogey coming in from the East Coast toward Washington DC, they radioed that plane and notified it th
October 08, 2020
WILD EXCITING AND INTERESTING TIMES WITH GENERALSOne day Murray was sitting at the motor pool in his car when he was told to pick up a general at the Sheraton Hotel and he proceeded to the Sheraton Hotel to do so. He had one heck of a time getting there because in Washington at that time of day all the roads were one way in the opposite direction heading at him. This is a fine example that many times like in WA we may feel everything is against us, yet if we really apply ourselves we find there
October 07, 2020
AN EXCITING LEAVE THEN BACK TO THE ARMYWhile Murray was home on leave one day, he was sitting in his car having a soda pop and a burger at a popular hamburger drive-in joint named Hi-de-ho, in his 1952 ford. 2 Mexican kids were arguing in cars parked next to him, one car parked on the left side of his car the other car parked on the right side of him. These kids were arguing back and forth through Murray’s car in Spanish which Murray did not understand a bit of. Before Murray knew it the