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Hello wonderful WA community,How time flies!Just received a new badge from WA telling me that I'm already into my 6th month.A lot of stuff that I'd learned during this six months journey, a lot, and still on learning and discovering mode.I noticed that my website is gradually getting more mature in terms of traffic, clicks, page views etc. I need to improve more especially with Google. At this time, Yahoo and Bing love me more.I also got my first commission from Clickbank last October (although
Hello wonderful WA community,I just like to share my small little achievement here.I've got my first earning from Clickbank. This sale was actually dated back to early October 2021. Since I'd started in June 2021, I seldom check on my CB account as in my mind, I was thinking, man, that's too early to see some results. However, last night, my instinct told me, hey dude, why not go check out your CB account, it's been quite some time since the last time you are logged in.Tada.....This sale was fr
October 29, 2021
Lovely community from around the world,It's the weekend and I'm in good shape making a short blog here before going to write another article for my niche.Again, I came across another wonderful quote while browsing over social media. It does have a lot of meaning about a river's flow which also reflects our lives.It said,A river never go reverse,So try to live like a river,Forget about your past,Focus on your FUTURE!This also applies to any businesses that we have done before or are doing now.If
October 19, 2021
Hi to the lovely community here,It's been a while since I posted my last blog here lol.I was actually focusing more on nailing down my website for the past 4 months. Yes, I'm into my fourth month now (times fly). A lot of stuff that I've learned here. It is priceless. Thank you to all of you.I'd already into my 32nd post today for my niche and growing weekly (3 posts per week, mostly on Mon, Wed, Sat)I have 6 months to get 3 sales for Amazon before they call it a day. I think I can handle it, h
Hey, lovely people around the world,Yay! I finally reached my 20th post today!What a wonderful and learning journey experience here.Since I started my first post on my niche late last June of 2021, I determined to publish at least two quality posts per week and to keep them consistent.Looking at my current consistency of contributing two posts per week to my website, I'm looking to hit a hundred posts on my first anniversary with WA next summer.Well, in case I'm a little off guard, at least 80
Hey, lovely people here!Finally completed my OEC Training, after taking my own sweet time in the last 2 months ever since I joined the club.YAY!!!!! But am I slow like a turtle huh? Anyway, I would say that I gained tonnes of valuable knowledge, tips, guides, what to do and not to do in terms of creating quality content.So, what's next then?I'm thinking to move in-depth into the video classes more.There are literally so many of them, any ideas which particulars or interesting ones that I need t
August 08, 2021
Congrats to myself again for a job well done!Google just found my ninth post. This time was faster, it was indexed within 2 days after I posted it. Again, I do not how all this works in Google, but I'm so so so excited each time I received an email from the WA team about a post that got indexed in Google. I remembered when I posted my very first article for my niche in June 2021, it wasn't indexed but I told myself, that's ok, still in the learning process and plenty of new stuff to catch on he
Every single day, millions or billions of text messaging happening round the clock.Friend to friend, boy to girl, wife to husband, daughter to mum, etc. One of the most common words used daily is Ok when texting messages, right?We all are using the word Ok every single day as it is a very common word. But, what if when texting and someone replied with just 'K' instead of Ok? Do you actually feel offended or annoyed?Well, I honestly do. Is not hard to type an O together as Ok right? The fact is
Hey beautiful community, I just wish to share wonderful news today.My fourth post just got found by Google since I first launched my very first niche late last month. I honestly feel very very excited when I received an email from the WA team a few days ago saying that this particular content ( which was posted on July 3rd ) got indexed in Google on July 14th. Not sure if this is the average time it takes to get indexing in Google. Any ideas?I do not know exactly how does this indexing work at
I just wanted to share with everyone a small exciting news about my progress since I joined Wealthy Affiliate about a week ago :)Earlier on, I've received an email from WA that said my website has been indexed in Google. I'm so so happy with my progress as currently, my website has 2 posts since I'd launched it and of course, I'm targeting to write about 2 posts per week and to hit around 10 posts by end of July 2021.This even motivates me to strive more and continue to grow further. The lesson