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January 09, 2019
A new year means....You're alive and have endless opportunities to make a difference. Start afresh, if you need to.As 2018 was drawing to a close there was such urgency to cross over to a new year because the year gone had its fare share of setbacks. Good times too, I must admit. Even if the knee scrapes exceed the celebrations, there are lessons to be referenced. That is the cycle of life.To all my fellow Wealthy Affiliates....congratulations for coming this far and all the very best for the d
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Wow! What a ride to get here. False starts, doubts, fears, baby steps, falling down hard, getting up and crawling again. Sound familiar? Every single one of us on this platform has a story to tell. The biggest challenge is getting down to the business of actually telling it. We hold back, at least I know that I do because most times I feel like, who would care? Would it make a difference? Only recently have I fully realized that my time away from WA has cost me so much. When you think of it, wh
May 30, 2018
I am on the winning team here at Wealthy Affiliate...It's such a cool feeling when you another task done and you get a step closer to your goal...the secret is to keep moving
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May 30, 2018
It is said in Ancient wisdom that a journey of a thousand miles begins with one step...Far from being just another feel good cliche', I know for a fact that however far or near you intend to go, there is no way of avoiding step one which is getting up and actually going somewhere.This is RealWealthy Affiliate is a platform so unlike anything else I have ever come across in terms of training and expression for such a wide variety of personalities, nationalities, professional and artistic individ
If you come from the part of the world where I live, the concept of "community" is very big. Everyone is related to everyone just by virtue of coming from the same town.This may not be absolutely unique to my neck of the woods and could possibly be true of other cultures as well; but it comes so strongly to mind because of the generosity so clearly displayed here at WAIt brings to mind a council of grey haired elders passing on their gems of wisdom around a woodstoked fire in the dead of the n
January 05, 2018
Many years ago as an eager 8th grader, I faced what can be likened to a creative artist's career challenge. The lesson was English Language composition and all I had to work with was a title and a rough outline to fill out in three hundred and fifty words.The basic idea was to put together an interesting story broken down as introduction, body and reasonable conclusion after a process of drafting ,editing and eventually settling for final copy.Easy enough right? Well actually wrong. I had a mam
December 13, 2017
When I first came across WA it was after following several threads of online business opportunities and ultimately feeling frustrated about how many dead-ends I kept reaching.Opportunities abound out there but they are not necessarily beneficial.One conclusion I have been able to draw for myself is that whatever does not cost you, you will not value...there is no such thing as a free ride. Even though you may not pay for it, someone else has...(in the background)In my short time with WA I have