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October 26, 2020
Yup, That's Unbelievable but TrueI am not posting this to brag but just to let you all know that WA Training works beyond our wildest imagination.When I started with WA, I had no prior knowledge of how Internet works, and I mean literally. I had no idea about affiliate marketing or blogging. On top of all, I am still a computer illiterate:). But followed WA training and Weekly Live training by Jay, faithfully & repeatedly.Today I was searching for some keywords relating to my Reiki site
Is it correct that you joined WA On 22nd March 2007? But one thing am sure about is that you joined WA in March 2007. So I take this opportunity to wish you a very Happy 13th anniversary.From all of us, it’s a short Gratitude note.It’s really amazing that every weekend,You present a new power-packed WAbinarWithout no-fail for the last 10+ years.Your hard work, loyalty, and work ethics are commendableAnd we all are learning these from you apart from your SEO skills.You have set an
Wish All Of You, Fantastic Ladies Here At WAA Very Happy Women's DayMany of you are a continual source of inspiration to me:)Each one of you make me more confident,no exaggeration if I say,We all started realizing our hidden potential, in many waysafter joining WA.We all are in a beautiful garden of possibilities,nurtured by Kyle, Carson & Jay.Thanks Everyone,Gratitude,Regards,jivita
December 25, 2019
Hey WA Fam,Wish You All A Very Happy Christmas & Happy 2020!Here is to sharing a Christmas with joy and splendour of Christ’s birth. I am sending you a message of hope and faith and a Happy Christmas.We are really blessed to found WA, and been a part of such a wonderful Community. I take this opportunity to thank every one here at WA for all the help and encouragement we get everyday.Thanks,Regards,jivita
Hey Friends,jivita here.I am writing a Micro blog about WA and it's pricing. If I am not wrong, WA was started in 2005 providing a keyword list to it's members. But I am not sure what was cost of then WA membership?I know that today WA is charging less than back in 2005, do anyone knows what was the price of WA membership back in 2005?Any additional information is welcome:)TIA,Regards,jivita
Hey Friends,Jivita Here,A quick question- Can we transfer cash credits to community credits so that we can use it for comments and so on? If so how to do it?TIARegards,Jivita
Hey Friends,Just finished watching Jaybinar on Instagram, really awesome.Thanks Jay, for such informative WAbinars every week.In today's Jaybinar, Jay asked to add Instagram handle in our WA profile, I added it but it is not clickable, how to make it clickable?TIARegards,jivita
August 25, 2019
Hey Friends,Jivita here.I am seeing a "PHP Update Required" notification in my dashboard, what is it and what do I need to do?TIA.Regards.
August 16, 2019
My First Premium Affiliate SaleYup, just after working for six months on my boot camp sitetoday I made my First Premium Affiliate Sale.All these years,I was working on my niche siteand its making sales For many of you,it might be frivolousbut it's an incredible feelingand am I going to celebrate it today,it's important to celebrate each achievementto remember & embed that feeling in your brainin a few days,I am I going to get myLaw of Attraction Coach Certificate,so according to Law Of Attr
The Free Copy Writing Course The word "Copy Writing" was not less than an alien to me when I first heard about it, and I just ignored it as though it is none of my business. Recently it dawns upon me that actually it is my/our business when I started reading the book referred by Jay, How To Write A Copy That Sells by Ray Edwards.All these years, since joining WA, we are Copy Writing and we are Copy Writers in literal sense.According to Wikipedia," Copywriting is the act, or occupation of writi