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February 27, 2014
Hello friends and family. Wealthy Affiliates. It's time for me to take a break and handle some issues that will inevitably keep me from achieving my goals. Medical bills have gotten to the point that if not handled promptly, I stand to lose the few things that I have worked hard to have. My health is unstable at this time so I have to be careful to keep it in check and stay focused on the main issue "SUCCESS" Thanks to all of you at WA, I have kept positive and will stay optimistic as I climb
January 20, 2014
Hello again everyone! I joined WA back in September, 2013 and soon after had to take a short medical leave. A little discouraging yet somehow encouraging at the same time. Paradoxical? Anyway, I just wanted to get my name in the ring and introduce myself in case I haven't already. I honestly don't remember. Better safe than sorry. I am a 52 year old father of three, grandfather of 4 beautiful girls. Currently looking to earn an income in online marketing and spend time enjoying life. I a