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November 24, 2019
Fixed or FitIt has been my privilege to work as a counselor within the prison system in Hawaii. I get to speak with inmates and there families. One of the expectations is that our treatment center will "Fix" or "cure" alcohol and other drug addictions. After all "isn't that why he/she is in treatment"? This question is a complicated question because addiction is a human condition and there is no fix for the human condition. After years of studying the complex of some doing well after releas
October 18, 2019
Hi all! I am excited to launch a business on the internet. I am pretty much a loner and actually need some sort of commnity to relate with and share the ups and downs of life. I am more a thinker than a believer, which brings about some lonely hours, as my wife tells me I live too much in my head. She is correct. I am going to retire once I have the income established and sustainable. That is why I am joining this community. I have more to share and the time will come when I will. Dr. J