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I have enjoyed my stay here; what I learned was only ok, did not meet my expectation of generating the income I wanted. I do not have the energy to do all of this work to develop an ok income. Yes, I could work harder, write more, blah, blah. When I say that, I mean returns as in ROI's with crypto is more my passion. The odds are not ever in your favour, why I like it. The excitement I needed is just not provided here; I feel like I am being watched, and then having my writing revoked never was
Glad to be here; why I am not sure. Not here to promote what I believe will become and has become a way of making an ROI. The stuff we are learning here is excellent, will provide you with an income, for some, not most. Marketing changes so rapidly; that is so great your site got indexed, big Fing deal. Looks good, sounds good, makes you even feel good. So you are getting some unusual traffic. But no one is buying your stuff, ouch.How many times has this happened in the past? Please do not even
We have had our lives and how we use to live changed drastically. So much information on Covid, who do we believe and trust with facts that hardly make up any sense at all. When covid is compared to other outbreaks, it makes you wonder?So many people have lost their jobs, savings and, in some cases, their businesses. It makes me sad to see so many friends of mine living this nightmare. They have worked so hard to save and create a company that didn't even have a chance to make it. I can not un
We are involved with one of the most competitive businesses I can think of, Affiliate Marketing, along with Network Marketing. Both industries are different and provide you with an above-average potential of earnings. "Work hard at your job, and you can make a living. Work hard on yourself, and you can make a fortune."?--?Jim RohnWith most of us, we all focus on our job or craft, which is terrific. If you want to become the best, you will need to invest in yourself. You should only devote 20 pe
What is a high-value content offer, and why is it essential for your marketing strategies. It is an offer that will suck thirsty buyers by providing free information in exchange for their contact information.The whole objective of our pitch is to obtain the contact information. Very few ever buy anything on the first click with any product or service provided. Consumers are very cautious with so many scams going on and an increase in the marketplace, promoting the same product at different pric
In 2017, on Valentine's day, this young man decided to treat himself to a 1995 Honda Targa NSX, a scarce vehicle. He asked the seller if he would accept Bitcoin payment when BTC had a value of $1,000 a coin. The seller accepted the offer of 30.5 BTC for the 1995 HondaNSX Targa.Today at the current rates, the crypto would be worth just over $1.6 million USDT. This guy's luck did not end there; he also decides to buy another vintage Honda Vehicle for 6.5 BTC when the coin had a value of $4,300 pe
I like to wish all a very "Happy Valentines Day" and provide a little information on what I have been up to the last couple of weeks.I have not been on here much; my time has been occupied with the Crypto Market. I have never seen such a bull market as I have in the past six and half weeks with all of my years investing in markets.I have never witnessed such outrageous returns within twenty-four hours well above the 100 percent rate. So I have been enjoying watching it more than I have in the l
Many of the members who follow what I write might say he knows what the hell he is talking about or just a total nutbar. Reading the stuff members write here can become a hard thing to do daily. Many of the members write great, educational material that provides a point of view with our progress. Information that will make us think. We do need to think and understand our "WHY" we are doing this. Establishing a direction with our financial goals, the most important goal. My uncle, who lived in P
We get so much advice here; who do we trust or relate to?How many people actually follow what they post on here?We are all good at giving advice, but how good are we doing what we suggest?I do spend a lot of time here, read, research all that I do read or need an answer toMy last post was harsh, but so is reality. Being honest with yourself, the Reason you here is to learn to create endless streams of income. I could care less about many things, but I do take certain things very seriously. MY
Understanding how this all works, but with all we have had recently. When weblog, it has value and is important to the author. We all learn by being lead to articles we never thought about. Search Engines look for unique topics with value and merit to the reader or users. So to all the members, be who you are and why you decided to be part of Wealthy Affiliates. Write what is important to you within the rules and share your passion; if we can not do that, why are we here?To promote how great WA