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Oh yeah, two weeks after purchasing my very first own domain I have 8 targeted keywords but only 6 of them in top100 in the rankings. The bright side is there are a couple of "extra" keywords I was no targeting in top100 and one is climbing really fast, atm its 12th in bing rankings! Thanks for actively wandering all around among my niche forums and creating some free quest blogs, I have 40 backlinks which 8 indexed follow backlinks, all of my posts get indexed within 24h and more than half of
Once Googlebot crawled and found one another trustfull "cave" to other words, my very first wordpress site is now indexed in Google! back on early 2000´s, I used c++ to code my first website to Pyra labs Blogger (known as google´s blogger since 2003or2004) and it took about 40 days to create barely working website and have all those visitors. well, my younger brothers. Thanks to eventually growing web, great WA community and our service maintaining team, this time cre