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February 09, 2018
Just finished my level 4 certification. I learned a lot of the finer points of focus on business building. Looking forward to level 5
February 05, 2018
Since joining Wealthy Affiliate about 3 months ago, I get much more mail than before. I first would like to say that I very much appreciate all the comments, replies, likes, blog posts and every form of communication used here in WA.The processing of all this information is very time consuming and so I found it necessary to prioritize how this necessary communication is handled.I try very hard to spend at least 1 hour every day just on WA communications, but that is not enough to keep up. I wo
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Most of us assume that what we come up with in our mind is something we thought up. In some cases that is true however, more recent scientific findings indicates that much of our thinking is planted like a seed.Let me explain, when we're born, some call us a blank slate awaiting things to learn. The fact is we are not born with a blank slate, rather we were born with what our two parents passed on to us. Moreover, what is passed on is more than eye and hair color. An intelligence is also passed
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January 18, 2018
A critical element in achieving success in anything is determining the "Why", which is to say what is your main motivation for the path you are on. There will always be challenges, so you need the juice to continue moving forward. In tough times you will have to remind yourself of what the "why" is.
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January 07, 2018
As I have indicated elsewhere In Wealthy Affiliate, since the mid 1990s I have been trying to get a handle on online marketing with virtually no success. With what I have been exposed to here actually explains to me why.I know, for the first time ever I am learning things that I previously knew only fragments. Also, it's more than knowing, it's knowing within a relevant context.I can see absolutely no excuse for failing here ,, except quitting, and I'm no quitter.I don't know if I am the oldest
December 28, 2017
It feels great to make progress and to continue is a no brainer
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December 23, 2017
The universe reaches out to everyone. Only those who reach out and grab it can avail themselves of the riches in the offering.