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June 04, 2019
Hello everyone,I just wanted to give a quick update about my progress. I know it's been a while, but I was hard working on my website, on a good Network around the world and a lot about Photography. At this point I decided I went to the Photography Niche for the start. I don't think, that this is my only niche, but it is the niche for while. And it's a topic I know a lot before I started. I am not completely done with my website/Blog about Photography, but it takes part.Thanks for your time, I
March 30, 2019
Hello everyone, I wish everybody a beautiful Saturday and hope everyone have a good time. This picture shows of the street of Banff . At this time, I could drive the whole day by watching this stunning view. Hope everyone enjoys the view, like I do.Jeff :)
March 23, 2019
Hello everyone, It´s another day, so it´s time for another post. I hope everyone had a good week so far! Today I want to show a picture again from my Canada Travel 2018. It´s Moraine Lake in Banff (if someone don´t know). It´s an stunning place and for me, one of the most incredible places I have ever been. I just hope that everyone can enjoy the beautful parts of our world. I was able to travel to Canada and it was one of the most awesome expierences I had so far.
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Hello Guys, this is my first post and I start it with a picture, beacuse it's one of my passions to take pictures and to be everywhere on the world, whenever I can. This picture should show freedom, what everyone wants and to be financial independant. So Let as all work together and change knowledge, for our all sucess. Thanks for reading this post :)