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Having defeated Covid-19 and pneumonia, I'm now left quarantined with a lot of free time.If anyone is interested in learning about using chatbots/chat marketing/conversational marketing on his/her website to grow a list, build trusting relationships, guide your audience to the information they seek, and increase affiliate sales at scale, just leave a comment.Gauging interest and will go from there :).Stay safe and healthy everyone.- Jason
🤖 It takes as little as 5 seconds or as long as forever, depending on your preferences. 🙂Just shoot me a message and we'll get started.TIA!
Hey everyone,Have a bit of free time so I'm offering time-senstive mentoring to about 5-8 people including the use of my content optimization tool to write articles that rank and grow traffic based on their relevancy and usefulness to the readers.Let me know if you're interested, only have the weekend before I have to get back to a project on Monday.Cheers
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There are many variations for this search query, but everyone wants to know if wealthy affiliate actually works when they hear of it. Every now and then, you'll see someone in the chat box demanding that someone tell them how to cancel their account so they can 'leave this scam immediately'. If this is you and you haven't paid anything, you're free to go whenever :)! Because chances are you were looking for a a quick solution, a magic bullet to your financial woes, instead of realizing that
80/20 Analysis to identify key strengths and stressors: yourself 'What would it look like if it were simple?' to avoid over-complicating your current project-there's often an easier way to reach the desired end goal aside from reinventing the wheel (e.g. I spent hours working on creating an online course, found out someone else had created their own version that I trusted and allowed others to whitelabel the course for their own use, immediately stopped my o
Just wanted to share this with anyone having trouble with displaying the proper image or info when trying to share blog post urls, your homepage url, etc to Facebook and other social media. I'm sure it's on here in a few places, might've even missed it in the training, but I spent days on this before getting it and want to save others the time.Once you've shared a url from your site to Facebook and realize that it's not showing the correct image or meta description, you can go to All in One S
November 01, 2017
Asked to exchange guest blog posts with my favorite site in my niche. Feels good to have a bit of momentum. Now to figure out how and who I ask for help with the more complicated aspects of my site. Feeling grateful.
I've been working on a membership/network/community type site for online teachers and just opened registration today. Now to figure out how to offer more value for a paid membership level in order to actually pay for running the site and more hah
October 28, 2017
I signed up a while back but just started going through the material when I returned to the US last month. 2 orders have gone through. So far so good.
October 22, 2017
Goals -2 posts, 1 youtube video lesson per week for IELTS preparation site- get some guidance with current membership site struggles...people signing up daily for preregistration and I've got a few concernsgogogo