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It been just over a month away from formal 8-5 employment. Feeling great and looking forward for greater things.Took family out to visit their Grandpa and Aunt. Was nice short vacant. Everyone enjoyed very much and I feel relaxed and enjoyed family together, and no hassel and rush for 8am start.After family reunion trip, Survival beyond my finish pay package is my first priority. Short objective achievable goals are my target. In summary, the priority are; 1) Definite revenue earner, do now and
An insight, my 4 month journey in WA and how it influence my decisions..Friday 6th May is my last day in a job I have close to heart for 17 years. It was like a baby to me that I build from infancy, nourished, taught to walk and now in the adulthood. Why the change? Never is my father's company or my company in any way. Secondly, being in senior management and leadership role, it was unethical to serve two or more other masters. And thirdly, my time has come for me to move.Equipped with my WA a
February 20, 2016
As at 20/02/2016, over a month here in WA, how am I? Been in WA for over a month now and loving it. At Course 2, and in parallel started Affiliate Bootcamp. At Course 1. Have own website and still much more reading and research to enhance my web site. Work in progress. Steady and surely. Internet knowledge increased 200%++. Much satisfaction testing out Wordpress widgets and features and Web admin tools and tried out also some Google tools. WA has all answers you need to progress. For newbi
This is my first blog..Just went Premium, And can wait to progress, Been a short wonderful journey. Started slow and unsure where this is heading, but persisting email reminders visit by Peter Makari and Kyle, and the offer of extension of additional 5 days provided the opportunity that I can not miss. It has been awesome road. Went to Lesson 1 to 9 slow and surely and was astonish with where I am in 2 days.The quality of information and ease to locate is awesome, with quality support and enco