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When I was a kid, there used to be a show called Soapbox on one of the independent television stations here in St. Louis. More of a segment than an actual show, it gave anybody that paid the station fee two minutes to get on the air and talk about any issue they wanted to. So every morning, right before the Lone Ranger would come on, I listened to people complain about everything from the local government, some place of business, pollution, or whatever public figure they were mad at that day.
Well, another Thanksgiving has come and gone. I had a BLAST! As is my customary routine, I abandoned any dieting and healthy living rules for this weekend and ate to my heart's content. All of my family came to visit (One of the many things I am thankful for - all of my family members I have ever known are still alive, the only exception being my mother, who died on my 13th birthday), and since we are all naturally loud and opinionated, you can imagine those conversations! Since I am from St.
WARNING! This is a lengthy post! But I believe that every word is necessary and after you read it, you will not look at this business the same. If you want to make SERIOUS money with affiliate marketing, then you must keep reading. Still reading? Then let’s begin! Affiliate marketing is a great way to earn a living online, as it not only gives you products to sell without the overhead and inventory, but it is also a great way to learn how to market effectively. However,
The one thing every affiliate marketer has in common besides wanting to make money is their never-ending quest for great content ideas - quality content that is. Google loves quality content and it is the best way to build traffic organically through the search engines and the various social media channels. This means becoming an expert in your niche, which means constantly researching on the internet ourselves, looking for quality content to learn from. We look through article directories and
I recently told you that I was a door-to-door salesman. After 5 years of knocking on doors, I became the personal assistant to the owner of the company. Basically I ran the company. It was my job to book the hotel rooms, to get the vehicles gassed up every morning and schedule their routine maintenance. I kept the books and I would have to pack up his hotel room, leave the night before the rest of the crew did, drive to the next destination, and unpack his things into his new hotel room…al
November 17, 2013
There is a very good possibility that you and I have met before. When I was 19, I used to sell magazines door-to-door. I traveled all over the United States, walking up and down neighborhoods, spending the day talking to people and getting doors slammed in my face. And I used to average $3,000 a week! How was this possible? I can tell you for a fact that it wasn’t the magazines. Who really needs magazines? Buying them at the newsstand was a lot cheaper than I was selling them for. To be hon
As internet marketers, we are constantly looking for ways to get our site or brand out to the masses.One method you should consider is utilizing the power of social media giant Slideshare. I personally use it in my marketing and it has definitely paid off. Slideshare is the largest social media community for sharing presentations.Content can be created in Powerpoint, Word, or PDF format and uploaded to Slideshare to be shared with its community. You may be wondering why should this be of intere
November 05, 2013
WA not only provides top-notch training on how to build an online business, but they have a great community. You are not going to find a better place on the internet to become involved with people who genuinely want you to succeed, who are willing to sacrifice their time to address your concerns and fears to get you to take action and achieve your dreams of online success. So it boggles my mind when I look for people to join my network and I find shy people. Online even! I can't tell you the nu
November 04, 2013
Remember when you would see an ad for some diet pill or diet plan and they would make all these claims about how fast you could lose weight with it and also have dozens of "testiphonyals" from people who used the product before they went to bed and when they woke up, lost half their body weight? You would be bombarded with all these claims and at the bottom of screen, in itty-bitty letters you would find these words: Results Not Typical Those three words used to protect companies from getting s
I have an issue with Wealthy Affiliate. Nothing really serious and in no way am I bad-mouthing this awesome community. But I recently went through an experience with the administrators that I want to share with everyone to keep them from making the same mistake I did. I also want to open this topic up for discussion and debate so any comments you have on this topic would be greatly appreciated. I had a blog post removed this morning. I subsequently received a personal message from Kyle statin