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August 01, 2018
Hard work pays off. I have learned a lot here at Wealthy Affiliate. I learn that it is possible to make money with my site. But it takes time and patient to do it. it is good to have the support of the community, but at the end you have to make a committed effort to make it happen. The ownership of my site is me. I am the one that is fully accountable to make it a success. Self discipline and self motivation is my key.
May 05, 2017
Just earn badge 2, I am glad to get this far, I what to encourage every one that has a goal to succeed at this to be patient and work the assignment, and be actively involved in your process. I appreciate the help the community has given me, however it is me that have to roll up my sleeve and get it done. My determination is to reach my goals or die trying. I am humble and grateful to have made it to this point.
I am so happy to come to end of course 2, It has has been exciting and rewarding to inter act with so many people nice and helpful people.It is my goal to communicate to change, and share helpful information. It is a desire of mind, as I am blessed, by my accomplishments, to be a blessing to other. This I learned well from my father.My passion is to mentor as many as I can, young boys that have little structure and or guidance, my endeavors for the rest of my life will be centered around that.
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