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February 27, 2016
I apologize to all that have been by my side since I started last year. I had to stop and reevaluate what was going on in my life. Since then, I have started a full time job that I absolutely love and the people are also just as amazing as you all. I went through a ton of struggles and to come back and see my inbox filled with support was a gratifying feeling. I am making a new commitment to myself and WA to give it another try. I will dedicate my weekends to helping and making my website
October 14, 2015
I sit here this morning. Going over everything in my head. Was this the path I wanted to take or did I want to make a detour. I have never walked down a path I did not know. Very scared as a matter of fact. Will I trip over a rock I did not see, or run into a branch sticking out? Yes, I would. But I would wipe my knees and get right back up. I would use the branch to hold me up. Would I be frightened of what will be ahead of me? Most definitely. I realized those were not branches sticki
My Progress within Wealthy AffiliateI began 2 months ago and have been very intrigued with the lessons and video tutorials. The community is always uplifting and always there to help guide you in the proper way to help you make progress on your website. They offer you comments and feedback to help improve and get you to your goals.Within the next 3 months- I will continue to learn so I can have my website in place to where it is very functionable and user friendly and offers much to the user in
A good friend , dickw introduced this to me on how to get my mindset into Positive Believing. Today, this is the quote that I read. From Neville Goddard. I realize I am a double minded person. I don't want to be back in my former state. I want to move forward and make a difference to someone. That is why I have been very devoted to the WA family. All I can say is that, I could not have found a better place to be that you have wonderful peope helping you achieve your success. We all need
October 08, 2015
This is really for new Wealthy Affiliate Members.It is very exciting to build your own website. But there are guidelines you must follow in order to make you life much simplar and easier when getting started.Stay in the order of the Courses and Lessons. You will get notifications that you read and comment on. If you are like me, you actually read the article and did not see that it was a Lesson to a CourseWhat you may have done is try to implement what you have just read. Big NO NO! Pay clo
This is so embarassing. But it saved my site. Just had to make a few tweaks afterwords. But last night I had totally crashed my website. Dont ask me how, maybe playing around with the editor too much. Long story lol. But I had noticed that my visual wasn;t working in my dashboard a few dasys previously. It was very hard not being able to see the content I had been working on so much. I had installed the new Chrome update and this is when all this happened. I won't even tell you how l
October 02, 2015
There is so much you can learn about a person when they first join and they write their About Me Profile. You get to know the person and similarties you have with that person. When you follow someone. Take the time to read their About me page. You can really meet interesting people . I love seeing their background in life and what their expectations are for their future. I feel it is very important to engage. You really find out, you are not alone. Wonderful people to support you to you
This might seem little to some people. But I finally got Site Trusted by Google. What a great way to wake up and then to see I have made it to the Top 100. I have worked so hard to make this opportunity happen for me. I still have the excitement about being a Wealthy Affiliate member. I am going take it all the way. I have worked really hard on my website. And will continue so. As long as I remember to take it step by step. I am actually proud of myself. (With the help from other membe
September 27, 2015
Thank yall so much for all the feedback yall gave me from my last post - Wealthy Affiliate Startover. I felt like I wasnt going to win this challenge. I got so much support from others that now I feel like I can make it happen. I am one not to ask questions, a very much figure things out on my own and drive myself crazy. I appreciate all the helpful links everyone has sent to me. I dont like feeling like a failure and with the directions and helpful hints I have been given, I can move on n
September 26, 2015
This is for people who want to get ahead of themselves. Big word here. DON'T. Because of this. I have decided to go back to the beginning in the Wealthy Affiliate Courses and start all over I got overly anxious and obviously missed details. I finally purchased a notebook and not sticky-notes everywhere. Please anyone who is new here. Take this very seriously. Wealthy Affiliate has the courses and videos for a reason. We are here to learn. The tools are here and this isnt something you