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November 08, 2017
Since my site was created on November 3rd (5 days ago), it has gotten 200 views after I posted 3 articles! I'm really happy because my site is really new and I'm already getting views. Feels like I just got caffeine injected into my bloodstream because I'm so motivated right now. This is really encouraging, and I'm hopeful and excited to see where this takes me. Cheers everyone!
November 05, 2017
If you're doing a good amount of typing for your blog or just in general and you plan to for awhile, INVEST IN A GOOD KEYBOARD. It makes such a big difference! I recently upgrading to a Corsair keyboard for my PC, and now I can go hours and hours of typing without ever getting a cramp or pain. (They might get sore from the amount of use, but that's my fault) Your fingers will thank you, trust me on this. Best of luck. -Henry
I posted my first article yesterday night, and this afternoon when I checked it, it had 5 views! I know this is laughable for many, but I'm very excited. This shows me that at least a few people are already interested in my content even though I just made the site. I'll just keep on writing and developing my site. To a better future!
November 01, 2017
Quick little update. Just happy and surprised when I check my helper rank today and found that it had gone from 2106 to 1064. Consistently helping people out pays off. This site really is one of the most supportive platforms on the internet :)
When you're thinking of ideas for your niche, pick one you enjoy. You will NEVER, and I mean NEVER, succeed if you don't enjoy what you're doing. You have to have the passion and determination to push through the tough spots, because there will be many. Keep a clear head, and try to keep a positive attitude. I wish you the best of luck.