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Happy Independence Day To All Our Wealthy Affiliate MembersEnjoy The day And Be Safe
June 20, 2021
Happy Father's Day
The Goal Of Wealthy Affiliate Members
Stop Making This More Difficult Than It IsFollow The Program Exactly. Don't Jump Ahead And it All Comes Together
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How Many Time Have You Thought About Quitting?I'm absolutely positive you thought about quitting this great business more than once. I know I have. My first week with Wealthy Affiliate I posted I QUIT and that night I thought about it and said to my self, "You Haven't Even Given This a Chance" So the next day I was right back at it and that was in April of 2020.This is'nt an easy business in the beginning and we all get frustrated. I've said this before and I'll say it again. If I can do this b
The Easiest Hard Work I Have Ever DoneWell, one full year has gone by since I joined Wealthy Affiliate. While I am not wealthy I have learned more in this past year than my last 16 years on the internet. The work never ends as far as posting but it's all worth it as far as end results.The customer service and community are fantastic here and I really can't say enough for site support since they have bailmed me out of bad situations on many occasions through out the year.for you young people out
The Value Of Wealthy Affiliate TrainingI wanted to take a moment to stress the value of what Wealthy Affiliate teaches us all every day. For many years I have been a member of AWAI which is American Writers And Artists Institute.Presently threy are offering an course that teaches you how to write SEO content using Google Instant and... most of the course revolves around Google Instant and keyword research.Now here's the kicker.. It's being offered at the reduced introductory price of $2,500 for
Ready To Start Building Your Business?2020 is behind us and most of us have had a rough year in one way or the other.If there is one thing I suggest we all concentrate one is learning the art of persuasive writing.The best copywriters in the world write the way they speak, just as if your customer is sitting across the table from you. When you write content, Ads, Brochures or anything for that matter... talk to the person, not at them. People aren't interested in information overload, they want
Just The Tip Of The Iceburg In CopywritingI guess I'm a slow starter because in seven months I have written only a bit over 200,000 words. Hopefully that's somewhat of a milestone where I can say I have taken the first step to success. My goal is to have a t least 350,000 words of Relevant Content before the end of my first year at Wealthy Affiliate.Trying to keep up with my writing, taking copywriting courses from the best of the best has taken much of my time and I'm sure it will pay off big