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I'm hoping the community members will answer a few questions for me that may help me to have a better understanding on Blogging? When we take the time out of our busy day to prepare and share our knowledge, because we've been asked for help, and very few respond when we answer them, what am I missing? When we Pay it Forward for those who specified where they are having difficulty and only 10 people respond and out of the 10 only 4 actually give great feedback, why is that? The last I heard
Since the Internet came online in the early 1990s, communications as we know it has changed in so many ways. Now instead of people talking in person to one another or on the phone, texting and email is now the daily method of communication. However, email is now considered cumbersome and time consuming in today's business world too. There has also been a change in our linguistics which causes a breakdown in our communication skills called tech talk, which causes a void in how we communicate or
Last week I had finished my first Post and I asked for feedback from the forum. As you will know I posted a Question asking why no one was responding? I was Disappointed because I like to Pay It Forward! I was hoping for the same curtesy as I needed your help! Well to my surprise within minutes the feedback started to come in and it was both encouraging and helpful. This continued for the rest of the day. This really touched my heart and I got to be on the receiving end of the Pay it Forward c