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December 17, 2016
In the WA training you'll all remember that it talks about making your niche something that you are passionate about.Well that actually only just hit home with me. I've made a few sites in the past about things I like and they did OK. But I eventually got bored with them and couldn't think of new ideas to write about. So I either left them static or sold them off.Now is the first time that I am writing about something that I am totally passionate about - and boy what a difference does that m
I wander how many of you actually sang the title of this blog post LOL! Sometimes you might feel as though things are going very slowly, which they usually are in actual fact. Because building an online business takes A LOT of time and effort as you have probably already figured out.But it really doesn't matter, the most important thing is not to stop. Because once you leave W.A. for more than a week or so it is VERY difficult to get back into the swing of things. You can go slowly and that'
So you're probably asking what the heck has Internet Marketing got to do with dieting right? Hahahahah you'll be surprised!It is very important to consume information, learn new stuff, be connected on WA, ask questions, socialize and absorb as much as possible. And it is lots of fun!BUT if you don't invest in your website then you're not going to succeed! You need to be adding quality content on a regular basis and this is the number one factor that will get you onto page 1 of Google and cons
This is so true in everything in life. But in our case I think it describes our journey within Wealthy Affiliate pretty accurately.I hear so many newbies asking how much money they're going to make in the first 2 or 6 months. I understand their curiosity, I think I had the same questions 5 years ago when I first joined W.A.You WILL make money if you learn well and apply the lessons that you are learning to your website. DON'T WORRY! WITH DEDICATION IT WILL HAPPEN. You will be writing your o
December 02, 2012
Just recently I've gotten to the point where I can't stand looking at my worn out old couch which was bought second hand about 8 years ago and has had the privilege of being jumped upon my many of my kids and their friends. Well now my kids have grown up a bit and all besides one have stopped jumping on the couch (Hurrraaaay!). It can tell lots of stories and brings back great memories but still enough is enough........So I decided that this ole couch is going to be my inspiration to
Well there I was just casually checking my Amazon affiliate account when I suddenly realized that there are $1.81 commissions!! Excitement!! This may not seem a lot to some, and actually it isn't a lot of money but the motivation that it has just given me is worth a million dollars!!Also the site it was made from is pretty new and doesn't get a lot of traffic yet, so I feel this is just the beginning ;)Thanks for listening to my over excited rant! And happy IM'ing to y'all! Ha
I was wondering if anybody out there has any idea how I could watch the Wabinars on my iphone 4? As it doesn't support flash this appears to be a problem. Maybe someone has a way around this? Thanks :)