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My name is Kerry O'Connell and I live in Big Timber, Montana. I feel very fortunate to have found the Wealthy Affiliate site. I LOVE the job that I do for my county government and find it very fulfilling, but like most of us, can use some extra income.

I live on a cattle ranch and enjoy the open spaces and the fresh air. With an office job, it becomes difficult to spend as much time outdoors as I'd like, but I take the chance when I possibly can. With two mountain ranges nearby, it's easy to find places to hike, fish, and hunt. If you aren't into any of these things, I'm not sure why you'd want to live here. I've traveled quite a bit of the state for my job, in which I sometimes assist with management of large fires and with smaller ones in my own jurisdiction. A wonderful, challenging adventure, but not one that is easy on the stress level. I'm also an EMT and a public information officer (which is challenging in its own way). I write a lot of grants in my job and have freelanced as a technical writer.

I'm glad to be here and feel welcomed by so many of you.

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hammerinhome Premium
Thank you, Ivan. Thanks for the welcome!
bodovan Premium

Nice to meet you...
If there is anything what I can help with - please let me know...
You are also welcome to share any successful stories you have...:)))

Talk to you soon...

Take care,
Hey there!!! Always good to see new faces. Welcome aboard fellow WA'er. Good luck to ya;-)
hammerinhome Premium
Hey, thanks for the welcome. This is a cool site and I'm glad to meet all the great people!
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amazing1 Premium
Welcome to WA. I wish you well in your endeavors. You have come to the right place to learn to achieve you goals. I am Brian from Oregon.
hammerinhome Premium
Hey, Brian! I only just joined and am a little overwhelmed with all the info! What a welcoming experience to have a message from you!

Thanks for being the first to contact me. I may find time tonight to post info about myself, but I'd better get to work. We're almost next door since I live in Montana.

Talk to you later,