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December 17, 2014
This graphic pretty much sums up how I'm feeling about making my way through the first two Courses, so here it is and here I am to celebrate! Thanks to every single person who has become "real" to me over the past two months, to all who have lifted me up and encouraged me with emotional support, technical finesse, and all the little nuances that go into every successful step along this WA pathway. I wrote to a new member or two today with my thoughts about the integrity of this beautiful
December 14, 2014
Hello, WA Family ~ It's a fine December afternoon and I wanted to share with you a short video created way back in 2006 for a really creative, inspiring "experiment" that a lovely writer from rural Texas embarked upon for 100 days. She called it the "One Million Blessings" experiment, and it generated quite a stir back then across the internet and throughout the world. Just follow this link to see how Kate Nowak has changed the lives of millions of people over these last eight years; at the
Preface ~ What is Learned Helplessness? It might surprise you to discover that sentient beings actually learn to feel helpless. The Learned Helplessness definition--complex and cerebral--that arose from Dr. Martin Seligman's psychology experiments at the University of Pennsylvania (mid 1960's) can be effectively reworded for non-academics and regular folks like you and me to be understood this way: When we repeatedly experience painful or otherwise distressing, unpleasant situations/circumstanc
December 03, 2014
Lucky! And Fun! ~ Lucky Stars ~ It's Wednesday evening, just past the middle of the normal world's workweek, but here in our Community there's nothing normal about us or our work schedules! So I thought a little fun would be in order since so many of us feel very lucky to have found each other and this remarkable platform we call our second home. This is a place to come for encouragement, friendship, guidance and ever-expanding knowledge, for the kind of support that a lifetime best friend bri
November 29, 2014
Thanksgiving this year has been different. The atmosphere of hope has been such an uplifting and welcome surprise, and it's brought along with it the realization that each one of us is loved more than we usually care to acknowledge. Is this turning away a product of our not wanting to be too full of ourselves, wanting to retain our sense of humility? Or does it run deeper than that, boring into the heartwood of our insecurities about whether or not we're really worthy of the kind of u
I've been working hard since we got back from the treatment trip and have finally finished what will be my first page "sticky post." This is an introduction to the rest of the pages that will be included in the primary menu item of the same name as this post. It feels great to be making progress in building "It's Your Time ~ to Come Alive!" Thanks to all for the great support you've been giving me; the encouragement is such an important part of this process =] Whether you've been st
Well, it's been over a month now since my introduction to this WA community, and as I've begun to get comfortable in this new home, I've found so many people with a great capacity to encourage, to lend a helping hand, to teach and to care. For the last couple of weeks I've wrestled with ideas for my first post to those of you I've begun to know and those I've yet to get acquainted with, but nothing really captured my attention until late Sunday night as my fiancé and I got settled into our