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I am a very determined person, I am a graduate of Esther Mallett International Bible University, I currently hold a B. A. in Theology and World Science. I have always dreamed of owning my own Bizniz and at the ripe age of 54 I am still persuing my dream. For the past 30 yrs I have proclaimed to have my own Bizniz and I will be very successful at it. The 3 D's are my Motto, Discipline (self discipline), Dedication (Putting my All into what I'm doing) and Determination (Never give up). I am easygoing , outgoing and always open to learning something new. I love people, after all People make the world go round and Bizniz's grow and thrive.
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Hey Gracie,

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Hi Gracie
Thanks for following me, I just followed you back!

Have a nice day
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Thank you for the follow Gracie. With your discipline and determination I'm sure you will do well here.
All the best to you.

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Thanks for following. All the best as you coniltinue with WA.
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Hi. Thank you for following me!
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Welcome to WA Gracie! It's great that you've completed your profile which proves you're serious about your future business plans. I look forward to seeing your success story. Stay active within the community and remember to follow other members because it will naturally lead to more help within the community.

You will find all you need right here and have certainly landed at the right place to learn all about Internet Online Marketing. The lessons are easy to follow and the videos inside each lesson are self explanatory. You will find the community that is here to help you achieve your goals and if there is anything I can do to help please let me know.
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Thanks for the follow and best wishes for your success.
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