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January 05, 2016
Today is the first day I started at Wealthy Affiliate 3months ago. Because of so much information here I went Premium 3 days later. For me there was so much to learn in such a short time(7days)and without being able to communicate within the community after that would make it that much harder. At first it was time consuming and working part time and then coming home to my wife and children,I didn't think I would make it to write my 3 month progress. it's funny how time flies when you enjoy what
Wealthy Affiliate family, about 3days ago I was so excited that my post had hit the second page of Google. Well guess what? I just checked again(8:45central) and my post is now on the first page sitting in the ninthspot. Wow. To all the new people starting,please don't give up, go through all of your lessons, and stay focused,it will pay off .I am a witness. Merry Christmas &Happy New Year. See u all at the top. Greg P.
I went to Google # page ranking this morning and was very surprised. My post on Wealthy Review 2015-True or Not was posted on the second page. Now I know that we need to focus on hitting the first page and believe me I was trying. When I checked the Keyword Tool and Jaaxy both of them showed the people searching was <10> and the QSR was <10> and with Jaaxy it showed a green dot (which to the newbies) meaning it's good to use the keywords and it should rank within the first two pages
December 16, 2015
Dec. 5 made my 2 month anniversary here at WA. In the beginning I was a little concerned like quite a bit of us here probably were about how long I would stay and if it was possible to make some real money here. After my 3rd day my concerns went away and I started applying myself into the classrooms. I started with the Get Started courses and then jumped into the Bootcamp courses. I found out the more I was learning that I wanted more and more and started doing both courses simutaneously along
Has anyone been receiving from Wordpress a message stating a new user registration and if so what does this mean? I have been getting this message recently and when I check user in my dashboard their is a name and the person is a subscriber
November 05, 2015
First off I've now been here 1month today. It really feels good to have my first anniversary with WA. When I first started I had no idea how to build a website(Posts?pages?SEO?). What was all of this?As I started applying what I learned thru the courses all of this opened my mind and made me realize that this was for real and it wasn't a scam. I have my website built , I have a business page with Google and I am working this business everyday. I just want to thank Carson and Kyle and the whole