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May 03, 2016
Lots of you know that I am always pulled in different directions. The old apartment building always has some problem, the web design clients don't get content or payments in on time yada . .. yada.WA and Jaaxy have been like my little personal saviors for my sanity and hope. I have not logged in to Jaaxy for nearly a month and that is because I have been involved in a huge conversion site for a client . . from Joomla to WordPress, (over 100 pages), cause they want it responsive. Awesome I am
This is going to be short and sweet but I think educational, especially to newbies.I have not been at affiliate marketing long but, creating sites for clients over the years has given me the opportunity to know a bit about keywords, SEO and the research involved in this process.All of us who have signed up for something or purchased a Premium program and have gotten gifts for these and sometimes that is a keyword list. One of my first days I looked at one of these lists and saw a really cool ke
For every action there is a reaction. Sometimes the reaction is not thought through and is more spontaneous. Sitting too long at the computer can cause damage, and if you think that just staying there watching for sales or comments is a good thing, trust me there is a better way.As I had my interior design career snatched away from me because of the economic downturn, I had to find a way to earn money and be creative about it.I happened to be creating sites for myself and then found a way to d
July 26, 2015
Sometimes we are led into situations, where we have to ask, "Why am I here?".I have been there many times in my life. Being "led" into affiliate marketing and finding Wealthy Affiliate, was meant to be.Years ago, i was in an interior design program working toward my BFA. I did not end up finishing that program for several reasons. Am I disappointed? No.First of all I have always been very artistic and creative. I liked ice skating, singing, playing piano, painting and creating hand made jew