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December 02, 2017
Got this on my screen. You are in the top 200 at WA. The most interesting bit is that I see I am Ranked # 199. It's like been on the edge of a cliff. I need help here so that I don't fall backwards. Forward ever in WA! I am excited for this because it shows that I have been going all out in my little way to return the kindness and help I have been receiving here at Wealthy Affiliate. It actually keeps me humble and focused on why I am here - to be helped and to help others achieve our goals.Tha
November 21, 2017
This is the most beautiful thing I have seen in WA. When I logged in a moment ago only to see I have 1K Followers. I was wondering how it was going to be written when I reach that hallmark. Seems like 1k member congregation or ministry. LolI love this community and I love the networking here.Thanks to all of you and especially I celebrate MimieAG my 1000th follower. Thanks my friend for joining my network here at Wealthy Affiliate.
Kyle's last words in this training were: Keep it simple, work Hard ======> Success.My Posts have been ranking well and I am getting traffic suprisingly with two referrals already. Yeeeee!!I am so thrilled to share this and I am moving forward with greater strength because WA is Legit. No curves, straight routes so far.Great community support always. You are so helpful. I can do a quick e-book on the loads of help I have been receiving here and I have learnt to give back in return because I k
I always love to share my success stories to inspire others as I am always inspired by other posts as well. Guess what???. Google ranked my Wealthy Affiliate Review on page 1 and at # 4. Unbelievable!!. I never knew I could compete with the experts in this. I had already given up that post because google was not mentioning it at all for nearly a month whilst all my latter posts were ranked. Suddenly it sprang forth and in 4th position on page 1! Actually it had been on page 1 position 1 on bing
Glad to share another success that my google adsense was approved. Why would I want to share this? Is it a big deal? Yes, as a newbie to all this! I was rejected the first time because they crawelled through a website that was not matching their taste almost 4 weeks ago. Resilience is the key!! I felt sick in my stomach when they rejected me but I said "no way" you have to accept me!! Yes!! They did because I did all I could with WA support, I got a strong back! Google adsense had no other opti
I am so excited to announce a great stride of success. I must say a big thank you to helpful members who reviewed my website and helped my posts to rank on page 1 of Bing and Yahoo and page 2 #1 of google search engines. I must say I have proved Wealthy affiliate to be true and honest as long as you can take all the advice and put them into action you are up for success.I keep working hard and looking forward to visitors.Thanks to everyone.
Site Content with images????? The FEAR of being penalized for copyright violations should now be put to rest for all bloggers here at WA. I have been using it today after reading the blog from Carson and its just superb!!. Each search I made fetched awesome images. I need to go back now and give my comment. I wanted to be very honest with my comment. So I decided to try it out first then comment. Was I like a doubting Thomas? Not exactly I have not found a lie here yet but just wanted to give a
September 19, 2017
TestimonyI must confess that I have been on a roller coaster kind off here sometimes. That however keeps me on the alert position. I want to be highly successful here. I am not here to mess up at all. That is my driving force.I am thankful for a great community which keeps taking you along even when you think you are off your feet. Progress MadeI have my Niche IdeaWent PremiumCreated My own Domain and Owning my own website automatically thanks to the host-friendly platform here at WA.What Else?
September 16, 2017
Someone help me before I run crazy! Just following Kyles Lectures? I thought it an impossibility. Only in Level 2 Certification. Awesome!!
September 09, 2017
The more the merrier as the saying goes. Though this could be just a little fraction of the community here at WA, I must say that this is a perfect number to get me busy associating with wealthy minded people. I love people so I am in the right place - WA!!