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February 04, 2017
WA just keeps getting better everytime i log in. I get so absorbed with the training and networking that I failed to even notice the keyword lists in the left hand column that you can download. In fact that whole left column is a gold mine of information. If you haven't had time to throughly got through it, you should take a day and just explore. There's great support and more learning to supplement your training with the classrooms and live video classes, if like me, you didn't have time to at
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January 30, 2017
Wow, it's been an amazing and fulfilling 3 weeks here at WA, but I finally got through the first Bootcamp course. To look back a few weeks ago, I would never have believed I would have come so far in such a short space of time. And this is only the beginning!Everything has started to come together, and I can understand now why people just say 'patience'. Rome wasn't built in a day. I can't wait to dive into Phase 2 and look back when I reach the end of that, however long that takes me, and see
January 21, 2017
My site just got indexed by Google! Such a big boost, and more importantly, motivation to keep working through the training. Now to get after that traffic! Geoff
January 19, 2017
Hi guys,I think for my first blog post I want to start at the beginning. By the beginning, I mean what motivates us? What drives us to do what we do? It fascinates me that everybody in the WA community has their own story that has guided them to this training and this path. Those quirks of fate, be them good, or bad, have taken us all to the point where we want to take control and change our lives.That's a pretty powerful thing if you stop to think about it. But being on this path is one thing.