This is for all the Premium and Starter members here at WA. We are looking for honest reviews of Wealthy Affiliate and what you think of the community here at WA. These are going to be used for both our sales page at as well as the Premium upgrade page. Please elaborate on your thoughts (what you like about WA, how you benefit from it, how long you have been at this, etc) :) We appreciate your help here everyone! :) Please leave your review below..
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am seeing something good at the door that am pround with and for sure will meet something else good inside of the house that i wlill love much i realylove this
Hakinator Premium
WA is the best platform there is, you learn how to make a website /online bussines and everything behind it. Even somewone who has never made a website before and is a complete newbie at it you've made a site in just a few lessons. And if you're struggeling with something you can always ask the community and in a few minutes you have some comments back from them. So a nice and helpfull community too.
josephslater Premium
This platform is wonderful I'm really learning alot
MrWatever Premium
This is the best well helpful platform ever made to make common people earn knowledge how to set up an online business !! Thanks Kyle and Carson
ALFRED5230 Premium
A very successful community indeed that is so helpful,regardless of who you are.looking forward to make a successful business online.
Damian8 Premium
There is no doubt in my mind. Had I found WA 5 years ago when I started looking into online marketing, I would definitely have a very well established online business by now.

The training is set out in such an easy to follow way that you will not get lost, side tracked or overwhelmed.

In the off chance you did get stuck on something, spending less than a couple of minutes on Live Chat will get you the help you need.

Words can't really explain how Highly I Recommend Wealthy Affiliate. It's perfect to get you going with your online business journey.

Thanks So Much !!
Hi Kyle, I was about to give up on internet marketing until I landed here. Thank you
Weathy affiliate is amazing to be here and kyle are very helpful if you are new member so this community very wonderful guys keep doing what you do to me .
JackieParker Premium
I cannot say enough good things about my experience at W/A. The community is so helpful and kind... Plus I hold Kyle and Carson in high regard because of they way the run the business. Kyle is available and responds personally, which is something that impressed me. The training is top notch and everything I needed to know is right here. I'm always happy when I have a chance to tell someone about Wealthy Affiliate!
Gerlinde Premium Top 200
Wealthy Affiliate is amazing! You learn so much every day and the community is very helpful! :)
chuw5 Premium
Wealthy Affiliate has everything you need to begin your affiliate marketing journey. I've only finished the first 10 lessons and my website's been full of content already!
This is like a netfamily,every one is so commited to sucess,I think is contagious!!!!!!Join AW right now!!
Aspasia1 Premium
Hi, it feels great to be a member of WA community, there a so many people here willing to help me on my journey to be successful online
LouisaB Premium Top 50
Wealthy Affiliate is a great place to learn and grow at.
BonifaceDjou Premium
Hi I am impressed of Wealthy Affiliate. I am here to stay. The community is awesome.